Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

rob Objeg. Anfirer. Good nìd ions ftirred in us by good Angels, Cbt'ifl (eene of Angels. goodneffe,and love, and refpea to mankind. So he will have Angels attend us, though he watch over us by his owne providence ; this takes not away any care of his , but bee fhewes his care, in the attendance of Angels, and other creatures, he ufeth them to convey hiscare and love to us, But you will fay , How can the Angels helpe our foulesany kindofway ? theymay helpe our outward man, or the State where we live; but what good doe they to the inward man ? I anfwer: The inward man is efpecially fob, jea to the Spirit of Chrift ; it is God that bowes the necke of the inward man : But yet notwithftanding, ifthe Devils can fuggeft finne, Angels are as {}tongas Devils, and firooger and wifertoo; they are wifer then the Devill is ma- licious, and ftronger then the Devil! is power- full : Whatfoever they can doe in evil!, the good Angels can in good, Therefore no duefti- on, but they fuggeft many thoughts that are good,; they are not onely a Guard about us, but they are Tutors, to teach and inftru& us; they minifter good thoughts, and fl¡tie up good motions and fuggeftions. Theyworke not upon the heart of man immediarly to alter and change it, ( that is proper to God) but by flit- ring upmotions, and by way of fuggeft ion ; as the Devils doe in ill, fo they ingood. Therefore it is fayd, they comforted our ,bleffed Saviour; which I fuppofe,was more then by their prefence. So they comfort Gods children, by prefenting to i.