Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Ckráft feetne of4ngels. i tog to their thoughts, (wee know not how, the manner is mytticall , it is not for us to fearch into that) good motions , by flirting up to good, onely the altering and changing of our d G fpofitions , that is properto the holy Spirit of Let us often thinke of' this, what a glorious head we have, for whole fake, the Angels attend upon us in all effaces whatfoever, even till wee come to heaven. And this Should flirre us up , to labourto bee made onewith Chrifi; all the good we haveany way, is by the intereft we have in Chrift firft, he holds it in Capite, ifwe have not a being inour head Chrifi, we can challenge nothing in the world, no attendance ofAngels for theAngels areat variancewithus out ofChrift, we fee pre- fently after the fall, thecherubin was fey withhis fworddrawne,to keep the entrance of Paradife, fromwhence iidam,was Phut, to thew that pre- fently upon the fall, therewas avariance, and a mighty diftance betweenc the Angels and vs. But now the Angels no longer(hut Paradife,no, they accompany us in the wildernefl'e of this world, to the heavenly Canaan, to Paradife, they go up and downe laceb.r Ladder,they attend upon ChriJ and for his fake they are miniftering fpi- rits,for the comfort ofthe eleec fo that al; things are reconciled now inChri.$, both in heaven, and earth, Angels,and men. It Should {titre us up, to get intereft in Chriji, fo thatwe may have intereft in all thefe excellent things that firft belong to 13 Chriff, Motive togee into Chriß. Angelsour enemiesoutof Cbriít.