Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Cbriatpreached to the gentiles: But not onely the greateftofthe Kingdome) binlikewife themeaner fubje'asmuff know their King, there muff beaProclamation to them, to know who is torule over thcm.Therefore,Chrift beingägenerall CatholikeKitig;there; irrtatt be a publication and proclamation ofChrift all the worldover ; he mutt be preached to the Gentiles. But yet thatis not enough 5"upon proclamation, there.muft behorn ge ofall thofe that he is pro- claimed a Ki tá thereforeit tollowes,Beleeted on in the world ; that is, theworld muff floupe,and fubmit,andgivehomage to Chrift, as the Savior ofthc'world, asthe Mediatorof-tbanki'ndi Thus eke how. thefe things follow One'tipOil lino- ther. To come to the words. Preached to the Gentiles, beleeved on in the world. Thefe folloor c éatröttier; 6ya neceffarieor. der : for, preaching goes before Faith ; Faith is the ifl'ue and fruit ofpreaching ; Chrift is firft preached to theGentiles, and then; beleezedon in the world, 'Thepoints confidera"ale,iire there. Fill, that there mutt be a difpenration offal- vation wrought by Chrift;unto others : It is not fuflìcient, thatfalvation was wrought by Chrift rnanifeft in, theflefh ;: Iiiflified in thespir it ; but this lfalvation and redemption wrought, it moil be pub li(hed and difpen fed to others : thereforehe fayth, Preached. to the Gentiles. { And then this puhlicátiotr,Andpreaching ; it I muft beof Chrift : Chtift muft be published to r the