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Ephcf 3,8. ECIeÍ.iL.IL. Heb.s.u To the Reader. can,in the ¡Judieof them ; that,ire know,vill be notbang, to that -which if flill to,be learned: for the Riches of Chritt, hereindifcatered, are indeed unfearchable. 1 s ú n.o di fiaragement therefore at ad,either to thole that ar, the chiefe Matters of the Affemb.lies, to teach, or thole that are of the highell Forme in Chrifls Schoole, to learne,... yea,and that againe and againe, the first Prin, ciples, of the Oracles of God. Sure 1art how-ever others puffed up -with an opinion of their owne worth,may be otherwifè minded, the Reverend and learnedAuthor oftheft enfuing Treatifes was ofthis judgement ;, who, though he were a wife Mai er-builder,yet, aceor, ding to the grace that was given unto him, (whichwas indeed like that. ofElifha, in regard of the other Prophets, z King. z. 9: the elderBrothers Pri)iledge, a double por- tion) he wadBill taking all occafions to laywell . the foundation , and that in one of themof1 eminent. Auditories for. LearningandPietie that are in the Kingdome. They that were his conf ntHearers, know this well ;. they. that were not,may fee it by. thefe his Sermons, now pubi/bed , ( reduced, ai was deemed