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To the Reader. deemedmoil fit, into forare fe verall T neatfes wherein, au the feaf,sn required , he full too;he the opportu+nitie of inflrut ing his Hearers in great Zl Flerie of our Reli,ion, The In carnationof the Sònne ofGod ; oneofthe chide Fundamentals of our Faith , one of thv chìefe of thofe Wonders in the Mercy- Seat,which the Cherubinsgaze at, which theangels delre toprie into, t Pet. I. It. And indeed)b reafonhe lake atfevarail times, and by occdjon of f many fevcrall Texts of Scripture concerning thisfubjeCt,thtre isjcarce any one of 'thafe; incomparable benefits which accren to to thereby , nor any of thole holyim- preßions which the meditation hereofought to worke in' ourhearts, which is not in (orne place or otherfweety unfolded. In thefirfl Treatife, the ,,A4yflerie itJelfe is indeed chiefely opened, and is therefore called, The Fountaine un- fealed : the ref;,a As in fo manyflreamges,con'ey to ur that Water of Life which ißuethfrom thence; teaching as bow to impro're the know- ledge hereof to the glory ofGod, and the fpirituall enriching of our owne pules. The noted Humilitie of the ,.Author I now the leße wonder at, findinghow often histhoughts dwelt on