Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

(WOpreachedto the ,G tiles. it 9 men in the duff; for, the word ofGod is forcible to pilldonnebongholds and imaginations and tobrim all intofubjefSion to Chrift, And indeed, though a man thould notpreach the Law ; yet, byway Then La w of implication., all there things are wrapped in theGpepel. the Gofpel, VVkat need a saviour, unleffeWee were loft ? What need Chrifl to be wifedo»ne toys ,ifwewere not boles in our felves? What need Chrift besanfíiftcationtous, if we were not defiled in our felves : Wat need he be Redear_ tion, if wewere not loll and fold inour felves to Satan,, and under his bondage .? Therefore, all is to make way for Chrll ; not only to open the Myfleries of Chrift, but in:the ope- ning and application, to let us fee the necéfíitie of.Chrifl, In a word -, being to bring Chrift and the Church together, ou; aymemuff be, to perfwadef eople tocome out of their eflate they are in, ,to come and take ,Chrift; whatfaever makesforthis,that courfewe mu fl u fe , though it be with never fo much abafing of onrfel Ves, Therefore, the Gofpel is promulgare in a fwcet manner .'! befeechyou, Brethren iy the mercies of God, 'c. The Law comes with ,'turfd, Cu,fed; but now in the Gofpel, Chri(I is preached with fweetalluring ; 1 befeechyou,'Rrethrtn; and, meat Ambafladours .befeech )ou, ar if Chrift by ras didbe- feechyou ,&c. This is the 'manner of the d ifpen fation in theGofpel,evcn to beggeofpeoplerhat they wouldbe good to their owne foules. ChriftJ (as it were)b ?comes abegar himfelfe; and the great Godof Heaven and Earth begges our love, I that Manner of publi0,%nb t'ze Gdrpel.