Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Ito Chrlf preached to theGe miles. that we would fo care for our owne foules, that wewould be reconciled unto him. It was fitter indeed, we fhould beggeofhim ; it was fit we should feeke to be reconciled to him : but God fo ftoupes in the difpenfation and M inifl;erie of theGofpel, that he becomes a ínegger and futer to us,to begood to our foules;as i fhe hadoffen, ded us, hedeliires us tobe reconciled : thewrong is doneon our part, yet he fo farce tranfcends the doubtings of mans nature, that he would have nothing to caufe mans heart to milgive, no doubts nor fcruples to arife; hee himfelfe be- comes a befeecher of reconciliation , as if he were the partie that 'hadoffended. This is the manner of the publication of the Gofpel: I doe but touch things, to fhewwhat it is to preach Chrif {, Vfe. Seeing then ofneceffitie there mull be a dif- Ton gnifie penfation,:together with the Gofpel . let us la, thisdifpenfa- tion. bout tomagnifie thisdifpenrationof Preaching; that, together with Redemption, and thegood things we haveby Chrifl,we have alfo the Stan. dard fet up, and the Brazen Serpent liftedup by Freachinç the unfearchable Riches ofchriHunfolded to us. It is a bleffed condition : Let us magni, fie this Ordinance, (without difparagingother meanes ofReading,&c.) This Preaching is that whereby God difpenfeth falvationand grace or- Godditpen. dinarily. feth the Got And God in wifedome fees it the firma way to pel by mcn, difpenfe his grace tomen by men ; why ? Totrieour To trie Our obedincéto the Truth it Idle; he obedience. would