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Cffbrijapreáched to the GertilP.r. I 131 Auflin,we muffbevery reverent in thefematters; it is molt fate to commit all to God, and ufurpc no judgement here;it is a Myaerie yet there is forne fatisfyng reafon'may be given , why the Gentiles were cal led,wh:euChtifí came in theflefb, and not before; betides, many Prophefies fore- told that it fhould be fo,and fomereafon may be given why it was fo. Becaufe they were to be incorporate to the v<'hytheccn- tileswcrc not lernef,to befellow-Citizen, with theChurchofthe called, till 1ewes, they were to be of Gods Floufihold . as it is Chrifts cum- excellentlyand largelyL t down in Ephef.z.Now fim( Chri ff comming tooke downe the partition; rz -all: Chriff is the Center in whom they meet, in whom they are one ; therefore they met one with another whenChrift came,becaufehe is the Saviourofboth ; he is theCorner-flene,whcrtrpon both are built that now they arefellow-Citi_ zens, fince Chrift'came. And you fee in the Genealogic ofChri ff he chrif came both of Lewes came bothoflerres and Gentiles,as we fee in Ruth: and Gentiles. Divers ofour Saviours Anceflors,theywere Gen- tiles as well as loves; to fhew,thathe that came of both, he cane to be the Saviour of both. But it is the fafoft (as 1 laid before) in thefe kucere's, tore(' in the wife unfearchable difpen- fanon ofGod;aiid rather be rhankfull ,thatGod bath refereed us to thefe times, and places of knowledge,then toaske whyour fore-fathers did not knowChriff. Weenjoy a double Spring of Doublc spring the Gofpel, and the benefits of ft. Firtt,wewere of theGufpch delivered from Heithenifine: what kind of people were