Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

13 2, ChriFI preached to the Gentiles: What ufe to make ofthe Gofpel, were we in luliiss Cæfars time? barbarous people; And after when Peperie came in, God delivered usfrom that; there was a fecond Spring.Yet how fewgive God praife , that bathhad mercie on us Gentiles, that bath delivered us fromGentilifme and from the darkeneffeofPeperie?but we grow wearieofReligion, as theydid of lktanna. Let us thereforemake good ufeofit, that God bath beene merciful! to us Gentiles, in thefe later times. And let us thatareborne in the precinEts of theChurch , helpe our faith in the time of temptation this way: Cerrainely, God meanes well tomy foule; I might have beene borne be- fore, in times of ignorance, and places ofigno. ranee, and never have heard ofChrift : but I have beenebaptized , andadmitted into the Church ; andby that, there is anObligation ; beforeI un- derflood my felfe, I was bound to beleeve in Chrift ; Godwas fo carefullofmy foule, when I under floodnothing ,that there fhould be aBond for me, to beleeve in Chrift : if God had not meant well tomy foule , I (hould not have lived fo much as to hearc of' the Gofpell. Thuswe fhould gather upon God , as thewoman of Ca. naan did upon our Saviour Chrift; and fight againft all diflruft, and unbeleefe, and all temp- tationsof Satan, that prefent God as though he carednot for us : there cannot be too much art, and skill,tohelpe our Faith this way. Againe,the Gentileshave now intereft in Chrift, fince the comming of Chrift ,and not before; it is a Myaerie : it werenot aMyfterie, ifthe Gen_, tiles