Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

CJtirifi beleezedon in the World. r41 and the beleeving foule. Therefore, ofneceffitie there mutt be Faith; all elfe,without beleeving in Chrift , is nothing. Faith is themeanesofma- king Chrift our owne, andno other thingwha;t- foever. The Papifis have ridiculous meaner, that they underftand not themfelves, nor anybody elfe ; they make the Sacrifice of the Maffe, a meanes to apply Chrift, and other courfes : but the Mi. nifteriall meanes to apply Chrift, is thepreaching ofthe Gofpel,and Faith, that is wrought by the Minifterie ofthe Gofpel and there is no other way of application, by the Maße, or any fuch thing. Chrift without Faith dothus nogood; in Heb. 4. The word that they beard, did not profit them, becaufe it was not mingledwith Faith : 1he Wordof God, theGofpel, it is the power of God to falvation ; but it is to all that beleevve: whatfo. ever good Chrift doth to us,hedoth it by Faith. It is a rule in Divinitie, and it is topurpofe, in the deciding tome controverfies,that a fpirituall benefit, not knowne and applyed, is a nullitie ; becaufe God intends all, whatfoever wehave to be opened tous,andapplyed, that hemight have the glory, andwe the comfort. We fee the ex- cellencie, and nece{farie ufe of this Grace of Faith. How is Chrift tobe beleeved on ? We muff reft upon no other thing , either in our {elves, or out ofour fclves,but Chrift onely. In Poperie they have manyother things to refit on, their Faith being corrupt , all their obedience L 3 like. Popich means ofapplying Chrifl, ridicu lous. Heb, 4. Chri$ mull be beleeved on. Cindy.