Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

top Enemies to Preaching,, enemies to 1alvation.. Chri(t croft be beleevcd on. Faith the grace of ap- plication.. Ebobelcevedon in the World. Therefore,thore that are enemies to this Ordi- nance ofGod , they are enemies ofthe Faithof Gods people, andby con fequent.enemieso£the falvationofGods people.But the mote the proud and haughty Atheiflicall heart of man rilech a- gainft it,the morewe (hould thinke there is,fome divine thing in it ; it mutt needs be excellent,be- caufe the proud heart of man frornacks it: fo much : we fee here, it is the meanes toworke Faith .Theielore as weetíeeme Faiih,and aft the goodwe have by it ; let us beftirred up highly-to prizeof d efteerneofthis Ordinance of God. So much for thecoherence,or connexióri, Preached to the Gentiles :and then, Betetveden in r eWorld. For the word them felve%,w'e fee here firfl,th'at Chri'it,ás-he mull he'trtfolded' itspreaching,fo- he mu ft be belcevedon Becaufe the difpenfarion Minifteriall, is not enough , unleffe there be ati' applying grace in the heart; and that is a ,fpititof Iaith;whofe propertie is, tomake peculiar' that that is öffe red ; There is a vertue of application, in this grace of Faith ; where there is a "giving, there mu(Ibea receiving, or elfe the gift is un ffe&u- all. Chriíl'is the Garment ofthe Soule, bets . the foundation, and food, gcc. As I faid be- fore , he is our Husband, we muff give our con lent ; Geleeving is a fpirituall marriage : in mar: riage, there mu{l be a confent this confent, is Faith ; that makes up the Bondbetweene ChriII and