Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

t43 Aug. 3 In tefpeR of thcTtutri they taught. Chrift beleeved on in the World. notice of) men ofmeane condition, of meane efteeme,and few in number. And thefe men they came not with weapons,or outward defence, but meerely with the Word, and with fuffe-rings ; theirweapons, were nothing but patience, and Preaching, offering the Word ofChrift to them, and fuffering indignities, as S. Aufiinfayth; the World was not overcome by fighting, but by fuffering : So the Lambes overcame the Lyons, the Doves overcame theBirdsofprey, theSheep overcame theWolves. 1fendyou (fayth Chrift) as sheepe amongwolves: and how? by nothingbut by carrying a Meffage, and fufferingconflantly and undauntedly, for going with theirMefrage; for they had cruell bloody Lawes made againfl them, that were executed to the utmofl : yet by thefe meanes they overcame; by Preaching, and fealing the Truth that they taught by fuffering : a orange kindof conquefl. The Turks conquer to theirR eligion, but it is by violent meanes; it is a Religion of blood : but here (as ì fayd ) meanenefle overcame greatneffe,ignorance over- came learning, fimplicity overcamepride, bafe- ueffe overcame glory; a Myflerie, in this re, fpe&l. Againc, ifwee confider the Truth that they taught ; being contrarie to the nature of man, contrarie to his affe6tions ; to enforce felfe- denyall to men , that naturally are full of felfe- love, that make an Idoll of their wit, andwill: for them to come to be taught to be fooles, in refpe6Ì ofwit, and to refigne up their wills to t the