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Chrifi beleervedon in the World. all, belayed on in the World. It fhould ftirre us up tomake much ofthis Faith, above all graces to defire it. And beinga Myf}ery,and fo excellentagrace, we had need to difcerne whether we have it, or no ; therefore I will touch a few evidences, force ofthemout of the -Text. Fiat , if you belecve, it-comes ufually after Preaching: We fee here, Preached to the Gentiles ; and then, Beleeved on in the world. Whenèe came thyFaith? Ifnot by the Ordinance ofGod,thou may@ft expeEt it to be a ballard Faith, it hath not a right beginning ; efpecially,ifitbe joyned with contempt of Gods Ordinance , it is no Faith, but a prefumptuous conceit; Preaching, and Beleevin,,heregeeone after another : There- fore, examinehow thyFaithwas wrought in thy heart. Againe,(as I fayd) Faithbeinga Myfterie, in regard offuch a world ofoppofition betweene the heart ofman, and Chrif , Satan helping the unbeleeving heart;here muff needsbea ftrife and conflift with Faith. Therefore,thofe men that never had confliawith their owneunbeleeving heart, that never had confliCwith Satans temp- tations,they never had Faith: for it isa Myftery to have Faith ; it is with oppofirion, and con- flié}; no grace bath the like confli&, and op- pofirion from Satan : for Satan aymes, in all firmes , to (hake our Faith and affiance in Gods love : As God aymes at the llrengthening inf Faithabove all; fo the Devil!hat-es it, above all, M 2 and "'daisofFaith How it is bred, By Con9ift.