Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Orifi receixedup in Glory. 167 gloriaür,he was abafed no longer ;.for, now hewas taken into the highe(1 place of all , above the Heavens: and as his place is aloft eminent,fo his government is molt eminent ; for, he is taken up there, above all Prinipalities and Powers, as it is Epkef. t. 20. and is glrrrioufly fet dowse at the right hand of God t Pet. 3.. All being fubjed to him, he bath the ddomination and govern- ment ofall. So that whatfoever might (hadow and cloud him, all ills eyther in Body, in Sòule, or cond rtion , all was remooved, and he was gig. riour itra'L For excellencie the foundation nrglory, that was alwaywith him, in iris veryabatement; but now it was manifefied : he was mightily declared to be the Sonne of God, by rayfng himfelfe from tithe dead: he was declared-to be glorious- in all thole things, wherein he could be glorious. As no perfoncan beglorious, but eyther it mutt be in bodyor or condition; he was glorious in all : for, bee was received up into the place of iory,to Heay.h- to the afiemblyofglory, to the prefenceofhis Father,and the bleffed Saints and Angels ; and nonueftion,but therewas a gloriour welcome. If the Angels came fo cheatefully to proclaime°his incarnation, whenhe was borne, and fang, Glory be to God on high-, on Earth peace, good will towards men : What kind of triumph doeyou thinke,wasmade byall the bleflèd corn. panie in Heaven , whenhe was entertained thi ther, after his abafernent : It is beyondour con- ceits, to imagine. I Fpief .zo. I Pet, 3.