Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

i7L Ctiriit afeen- (led os a pub- like peifon< [leerenefiàbe- twecneChrifk andhisChurcli ('hriR receirvedup in Glory. and all his benefits and riches : fo that, in re- gard of the manifeflat ion ofChrifls Offices, and ofapplicationofall the goodwe have by ir, it is by Chrijl received up inglory. To come to force application. Fir fl ofall, we mull lay this for a ground and foundation ofwhat followes, That Chrijlafccn- ded as a publike perfon : he mufl not beconfi- dered as a particular perfon, aloneby himfelfe, but as the fecond Adam: As he tooke the na- tureofman, in his Incarnation; fo he afcended into Heaven in it , as a publikeperfon : As the firfl Adamwas, in whore we all finned, and all came to mifery;and baleneflfe,anddied;foChrift mull be confidered as the fecond AcL m, as in other things, fo in his afcenfion toglory, In the fecond place, we muflknow, that there is a wondrous neerene fÇ bettyeene Chrijl and us now : for, before we can thinke ofany comfort by theglory of Chrijl , we mull be one with him by Faith ; for, he is the Saviour ofhis Body: there- fore,we mufl be in him,we mull behis members, we mull be his Spcufe; and being fo once, we are one with Chrift. There is no relation in the world, i hat is able to exprefi'e thenecrenef e be- tweenc Chrijl and us fufficiently : and therefore, when we fpeake of Chrijl afcended intoglory , we muff needs think ofour (elves,& ofourglory,and advancement : he was taken up to glory in our na- turc,not only for himfelfe,but for all his. As the husband ofnce Church,hc isgone before,to take up Heaven for his wife; as a husband takes up land