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arifl receirvedup in C.lory. Among many other refpe61s:, it is a Myfierie, for the greatnefTe of it. We fee after his Afcen- ffon, when he appeared to Paulinglory, a,glim;pfe ofitftrucke Pauldowne, hecould not endure it. Nay , before he fuffered, a very fhadowofhis glory, it amazed Peter, and lames, and Cohn ; they couldnot beare it, they forgac themfelves : Let us build ( fay they) three Tabernacles, &c. I fa little difcoverieof his glory on Earth, wrought thefeeffe&s ; what great glory is it then, that he bath in Heaven ? Certainely it is beyondall expreffien. In this glorious conditionthat chrif! is received into, he fulfils all his Offices in a rnoff comfor- table manner. He is a glorious Prophet, ro fend his Spirit now to teach,and open the heart; he is a glorious Prief`I, to appeare before God , in the HolyofHolies in Heaven for us, for ever ; and he is a Kingthere, for ever; from thence lice rules his Church , and fubdues hisenemies. So that, though he accomplifhed and fulfilled thofe blefl'ed Offices (that wereappointed him) in the Rate of humiliation on Earth ; as it be- came that flare to fuller for us ; yet it was necef- farle that he fhould enter intoglory, to manifeft, that he was a King, Prieit and Prophet : for., he was not manifefted who he was indeed , toour comfort, We he was received up inglory. ehad not the Spirit the Holy-Ghoft , fent from above,till he afcended ; as it is in leho7.The ¡lo- ly.Ghoft was notgiven (becaureChrifi, was not afcen- ded) to apply , and tohelpeus makeufe ofChri ff N 2 and t7' In refpeft of chegream -ffe of che glory. Chr}tt in glory applyes;hic Offices to us,