Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

174 Ephef. z. Cbrift receirvedup in Glory. wearefet together in heavenly placerfrith Chri$ , as the Apoftle faith,Ephef. 2 .Wehave aglorious life, . but it is hid with Chrifi, in Heaven. When Chrifl himfelfe (hall be revealed, our life (hall be revealed , though we creepe upon the Earth as wormes,yet notwithftandingwe havecommuni, on and fellowfhip with Chriff who is joyned with us in the fame Mvfticall Body, who is now at the right hand of God in Heaven; and he that bathgiori)fedhis naturali Body'in Heaven,th'ath tooke upon him, he will ;lorifiehis Myfticall Body : for,he tooke flefh and blood; his natural!. Body, for thegloryof his Myflicall Body ,that hemight bring his Church tog-47'y. Th'erefore, we oughtas verily tobcleeve,tbatihetill takelrti Myftícalt Body,and everyparticulat member'of it, to Hcaven,as he bath takenhis natutall Body, ¡andhath fet it there inglory. Iris a comfort in the home ofdeath, that we in the }inure eeld up our foules toChriJI, who is gone befàre oidcath, y toprovidela place for us ; thiswas one end of his taking up to Heaven , to providea place for us Therefore whennwe die, the have not a plate to fake,oar hook is provided beforehand ; Ciirlñ' was taken up toglory, to provicicglory for us. Evers as Parndifewas provided for Adam,before he was made,fo wehave aheavenly Paradife provided for u's ; we liad a place in Heaven before we were borne. What a comfort is this at the houreof death, and at thedeath ofour friends, that they are gone toChriff, and toglory ? We were (hut out ofthefirf1Paradife, by the firft Âdam; our comfort