Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Ch,rE,stiVsrdup ill Glory. _ -------..._ comfort is , that now the heavenly-Pxiiidife in cbr-i , is open; Thir day ¡had; rhos be ioxib me Parsdife ¡fay thCbrill to tbe good Theefe.'There; rraá án<Ange11to;kee;ptAar,adifa,vrhesa .Adori wasi lhut' Out ; but. .the istpe to kepe us-outof Ìicàven:nay, theAngels,atre ready to conveyour toutFátoHeavt.b,a,s they_dìd Laxarso;at;das they 45çatn"p,anies1 inhiAi;AfcCnfion to f4eaven, fq.they.itop the foulestofhihchildren, : ° Likew;ife,inowfaocrresand infrtttitiés,when we Inour daü have tOdealewth f`uerdicáe`Fachet,whomwie have ; in5rmitiesr. #cnded.;witht;fttines bco;usrfratçh:cofort;;' 'keucé:"qitritti* sf ftanitbi ittt%Fieavt1n , e i appearebef,c4igttlisdtaxlseryaEs,a h'irdiaöorrdr°us; i ,_and..ç6esef©r Gf(D4 owes :eiwaly}tis:wrath from ! us_ :.wehavea fxiend4 a favrjrice:itt:: :ther Courtof ' `Heaveis si4tler$14140e 00C,A)dbionfeife bis Fa tïrErs-1.41,1-itund,h aka sint4rcéffrrsnFò+rIli. As ; 704a41an appeaggi in siteir.; Court; to fpeake a goo&word;,and toplead for David 3 fo our Iona. rásn irfta6r0 , ( but with farebettet fuccefre ) app,esresPiál.tile`Court' ,a(Heaven fornsycontinu_ ingtwr,fpeeace withGod,::inourdailybreaches, perfuming our prayers:' And there is no danger" of hisdeath ; for, Ne if a,PYirlifor eroerat the right hand of God; tomake intierce;ilion for ur; his eery pxePenting,himfelfc in .Heaven, fpealcsfor us, As ifhe ihotrld fay.), Thefe petifons, thataske in my Name, they arefilch petifotts as I was bo-ne for, ruch as .I obeyed for, fuch as I dyed for, fuehas I" was Cent into the°world, towork the great>worksc offledemption for:for,he wrought our Redemp- non 177.