Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Ì'ii wi. . 17B Chrrifi received `Glöry: tion inhis abatedefface ,but tse applyes it as he is exalted: application,'is as neceffary as merit; we havexnogood by the worke of Redemption, wixhqutapplii ation.andfor thatendh-arppeares, in-heavenIor:. s and pleads for us. Fór;even'as there,is fpeech attributed toAbeti blood ; itcry_ ed, Vengeance-,.Vengeance: f&,Ghriff appearing now in heaven for its his blood'cryes ;Mecie, Mercie : thefe are :thofeli `Th'ed my blood f&; Mercie, Lord: The very appearing ofhim that fhed his blood,-it cryes for mercyat the'Throne ofMercie; which is therefore aThroneÓfMer- cie, becaufeheis. there : he- fhetfhis'B1 driôra- tisfieoffice,-tic( make wiy,fbrMettie l a" In the Law ,'the High=Prief , after he>hadoffe- red a Sacrificeof blood , he was togoe into the Holy ofHolier: fo CIrillOttrettit. hâd offered hifp fclfforaSacrifice,,hewentr4intoÉlie olÿéf öl é,'; into heaven,to appearebefore God. And as"cfie High-Prieff;when hewent into theHolÿofHolier, he had:the names of the twelve Tribes on his breff , to-fhew that he appearedbeforeGöd- fdr themall ; fö Thrift being done ittei tE )Thlyof Holier, into heaven , he hathall our names upon his breff; that is, in his heart the name ofèvery particular beleever, to the end oftheworld , to .prerent them before God. Therefore, 'whenwe have to deale with God, thir,ke of Chriff now gloriozc in heaven, appearing for us ; God can denie him nothing , nor denie us any thing that weaske in his Name ; we havehis Protnife for it: It