Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

yodlitteffe a ,24yflerfe. I 3 taine,òr Spring,and the ftreames iffuing from it; the Róot,and the Banches ; there is (as it were) a Porch to this great Houle. Great Buildings have faire entrances ; fo this glorious defcription ofthe Myfterles of the Gofpél , it bath a faire Porch, and entry to it: Without controverfie,great is the MyßerieofGodlineffe. Then the Fabríck it felfe is parcelled out in fixparticulars Godmanifefteel in theflcfb; ruíhfied in the Spirit. SceneofAngels. Preachedunto the Ge the f Beleeved on in the world. Received up tó Glorie. Firfl:,fòrthe Preface; whereby he'makes way torayfe up the fpirit of Timothie (and in him us) unto a reverentand holy attending to the blefT'ed Mylleries that follow: Without controuerfe, great it the .4My1 ?erie of Goellinefe. In this Preface, there is fIr11 the thing`it felfe, Godline,r. Then thedefcription of ir, it is a Myfl .rie. And theadjur3a, it is agreat Myerie. And then the kale of it ;.it is a great My/lerie without all control. erfìe: by the confeffidn of all, as theword40,0youpt. s lignifies, there are none that ever felt,tl'e power ofgodlineße,5utthey have conteffed it tobe a Great Ilytérie. Godlineffe is a Myj?erie; and agreat i'dyßerie 3 and B 2 it