Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

4 Godlinci e, what. Godlineße 4 ïlyflerie. it is fo under the Peale ofpublike confeilion : to obferve fomewhat from eachof thefe. Godlineße, Godlinefe,is either the Principles ofChriftan Religion, or the inwarddifpofition ofthe foule towards them the inward holyaffectionofthe foule; the word implyeth both : for Goddineße is not onely the naked Principles of Religion, but likewife the Chriftianaffeúion, the inward bent of the foule, futable toDivine Principles there tnuft be a godlydifpoftion, carrying us togodly Truths. That Godlincje includes the Truths themfelves, I need goe no further then the connexion : In the lafi words of the former Verfe, The Church is the PWar andgroundof Truth; and then it follower, without controverfie, great is the Myflerie (hedoth not fay of Truth, but-) of Godlineße; in ftead ofTruth, bee fayth GAIL lineße, The fame word implyes theTruths themfelves, and theaffe,tion and difpofition ofthe foule to- ward themTruths,to (hew that bothmull alway goe together. wherefoever ChriftianTruth is knowne as it fhould be there is a fupernaturall Light : it is notonelya godly 'Truth in it felfe, but it isembraced with godly affe8 ions. Thefe blefTed Truths of the Golpel, they require and breed a godly difpofìtion; theend ofthem , is godIi,Ieße,they frame the foule togodlineße: Thus we fee the Truths themfelves aregodlineße,carry- tng us to God, and holinef a that I need not --- much