Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

8 Myftcryywhat. s That,tbat was fccret, t That the rea- fonof itis Godlinefea Myfierie. difpofition,and carriage, that makes godlineße. Now thisgodline/e is A Myflerie. What isaMÿfterie? The word liignifies a hidden thing ; it comes of.44úin,whichis to lhutor flop the mouth from divulging; As they had their Myfteriesamong the Heathen, in their Temples, which they muft not difcover therefore there was an Imagebe- fore the Temple with his finger before his mouth,' (hewing., that they muff be filent in the difcoverieofhidden'Myfteries. Indeed,the My- aeries of the Heathens were fo fhaçnefull, that they didwell to forbid the difcoverie of them ; but I fpeake onely to unfold the nature of the word,which is to fhut,orkeepe fecret. AMyflerie is a' fecret not onely for the pre- fent; but that it was a fecret, though it be now revealed: for the Göfpel is now difcovered : It is called a Myfleríe, not fomuch that it is fecret, but that it was fo before it was revealed.' In the fecondplace, that is called a Myflerie in the Scripture,which how foever itbe cleare far themanifeflationofit, yet the reafons ofit are hid As theconverfionoftheGentiles; that there fhouldbe fuch a thing; why God fhould be fo merciful) to them; it is called a Myflerie. So the calling ofthe hires, it is called a Myflerie, though the thing be revealed; yet, that God' fhould be fo wondrous merciful) to them; that is a Myflerie. When there is any great reafon,that we