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Oodlinsße 4 X11yflerie. wee cannot fearch into the depth of the thing, though the thingit felfe be difcovered, that is a Myfterie; as the converfion both of /ewe.; and Gentiles. In the thirdplace a My Retie in Scripture is taken for that that is a Truth hid, and is conveyed by fome outward thing. Marriage is a My flerie, becaufeit conveyes the hidden fpirituall Marri- age betweene Chriíland his Church. The Sacra- ments are Myfteries ; becaufe in the one, under Bread and Veine, there is conveyed tous the be- nefits of Chrifts body broken,andhis blond flied; and in theother, under Water, a vifible outward thing, there is fignified theblondofChrift. Ina word (tocut offthat which is not perti, rent) Myfferie in Scripture is either the generali bodyofReligion,or the particular branches ofit Thegenerall bodyof Religion iscalled a Myfte. rie,in this place ; thewholeChriftian Religion is nothing but a continued Myfterie,acontinuation of Myfteries, a chayning together of Myfterie uponMyaerie. And then the particularbranches arecalled My, fferies, as I said before : The converfion of the 'ewes, and likewife of the Gentiles, before it was accomplifhed, it was a Myfterie; fo the union betweene Christ and-the Church', isa great My- fterie,Ephef.5.but thewhole Gofpel is here meant as Chrifl faith,Marke4. Tie iTfyft.riesi.fthe King- domeofGod;chat is,the defcriptionoftheGospel. What is the Gofpell ? The Myierieof Gods Kingdome, ofChrifts Kingdome ; a Myfterie, C dif, 9 s That is con- veyed by out.' ward things. Ep6ef. To CbriftianRe ligion aMy. tìerie. i anches of Religion My- fteries. Epáef re Mark* ¢.