Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

y2. oft ion. Anfrver. Ererry Grace a Myfteric. Faith, Godlinefe a Myflerie. ro chat we (hall have, it is to fee in a Glalíe , or Mirror; ifwelookebacke, it is a cleare fight; if we Iooke forward, it is a fight as it were in a My- Rerie: even that little that wedoeknow wee doe not know it,as we (hall know it in Heaven. But is the Doarineof the Gofpel it felfe onely a Myflerie? No : All the. Graces are Mylleries every Grace. Let aman once know it , and hee thali find, that there is a Myflerie in Faith ; that tlx earthly foule of man fhould be carryed above it felfe, to beleeve fupernaturall Truths , and to de- pend upon that he fees not; to foray the life, by reafons fpiritualI : That the heart ofman should beleeve, that a man in trouble (hould carry him. felfe quietly and patiently , from fupernaturall fupports and grounds, it is a Myflerie: That a man (hould be as a Rocke, in the middefl ofa ' Rorme, to Rand unmoveable, it is a Mylerie: That the carriageofthe foule fhould be turned univerfally, another way ; that the judgement and rte£erararion. affeâlions fhould be turned backward, as it were; that hee that was proud before (hould now be humble; that bee that was ambitious before, fhould now defpife the vaine World; that hee that was given to his lulls and vanities before, (hould now, on thecontrary, be lerious ,and hea. verily minded : here isa MyRetie indeed, when all is turned backward. Therefore wee fee how Ni- codemm (as wifeas hee was) it waS :a ;Riddle to him , when our blefred Saviour fpake to himof the New-Birth that a man fhould be wholly changed,