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Godlinefe a `il.y,erie. it never thinke of; as it is excellently fet downe, I Car. 2. through the whole Chapter, t cor. E. Againe,it is a Myfierie5 becaufe when it was revealed, is was revealedbut to few : it was revea- Revealed to ledat the firft but to the 'ewes ; God is knowne in few. ferory,& waswrapped in ceremon:es,and types, and ingenerali promif:s, to them; it was quite hid frommot' parr ofthe world. Againe,whenChrift came, and it was difcove- 3 red to the Gentiles ; yet it is a Myfierie even in the Hid from car Church,tocarnali men,that heare the Gofpel,and nail men. yet doe not underfland it, that have theveile over their hearts ; it is hid to them that perifb , though it be never fo open of it feife to thofe that be- leeve. In the fourth place, itisa Myflerie ; becaufe 4 thoughwee fee fume and arcell of it yet is revealed part p p > y utinpart. we fee not the whole Gofpel 5 we fee not all, nor wholly; Wefeebut inpart, andknowbut inpart : fo it is a ltMyfierie, in regardofthe full accompli(h- ment, Yea, And in the next place it is a Myflerie, in re- s gaidcfwhat wedoenot now, but (hall hereafter what we to regard of alai] know. How doe we know Divine Truths now ? know. In the Mirror of the Word , and Sacraments we knownot Chrift by fight ; that manner ofknow, ledge is referved for Heaven : fo , here wee know as it were in a kindofMyfterie; wee fee divine things wrapped up in the Mirror ofthe Word, and the Myfteries ofthe Sacramentsdndeed,this comparätivelÿ to the iewifb Church, is tofee the face ofGod in Chrifi; a cleare fight :but compared C to l .