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t6 Voir.rt. At the Sacra. ment. GodlinyA fo cóntratie to our reafon they are Mylteries altogether above Nature :'There are forne-.feeds ofthe Law in Nature, but there are no feeds in Natureof theGofpel therfore we (how'd corme to itwith a- great deále of reveres ce. "S. Patil teacheth us anexcellent Ledlóh,'P n, r 2 When he entred intoa depth tha r lìc couldnrt fathoms, doth he cavìil-at it,.i,.:N o:1h,> h 'depth I'Oh; the depth! So in a1 :theTrúths óf'God,wheti we'car . nor comprehend the-rny let usf4iti fil n`ea eve± rence them,,, and `'fa y ith hint', eth,,thideft.G vine things' are Myt}eriesT rh' Sacraments are My lleries 3 let its carry oúr`felvcs. tbwärds.them with reverence: What isthértvafdt9; ithat'there is one word in the Greekè, a 1 X11'' ather ', an,' suages, to fìgnilk.. both corntrïc n,aci prñphane? Becaufe thofe that corne with rotrui:ori'afrear: ons, and Common car_riag-e; toi häoly thinks,, they prophanet!den ;'becati e,asil ett1 gs a-re.great, to they ;reclui.r-e.a. forable earr'a,e, rSot a:Oiri -on carriage. VVo-pro}hane the Sacrament, if we jtake theBread-and \Vineasa't'orrìtt drìFearf}':as S. .Pazt/ faith ; randifcer...e rfot%the Lo tl,c Body. We prophaneMy_aerks.,when Wed. ìfe;the rrot.Beaf!¡ and beafl -like men difcerne not the relation or things:; that thcfeouitward- elements have refe- rence to great matters, to the Body and bloudof Ch.!' they doe not difcerne'them from com- mon Bread and Wine, though`they beufedto rayfe upour forties ro the BreadofLi¡e. Solikew ire , when we come to the Wordof God, and ¡coke not to ourfeet, but come to the Church, In hearing the Word.