Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Godiinee ce .Myflerie. Chitrch;as ifwewent to aPl ay,or Tomecommon place,wit,hout prayer,without preparation;whcn wee comte with common affcc`lions this is to comeprophanely. Herewecome to Myflerie.r, to high things, togreat matters : Therefore, when wee come to convene with God , we mu fI not comewith common affeuions; wee mrifl carry our (elvesholily, inholy bufrneffe, or elfe weof. fer,toGod flrangefire : God was in thiü.place, fayth .lacob, and1rpau not awareofit. So when we come , tòbearethe Word, when we goe topray, when wereceive'the Sacrament, God is here, and My_ fleriesare here, and we are nor awareof it. °I t isa fhárttefor us; not to labour tobring fir table difpofìtions.,. It is amarrer of.thatConfe'quern, lifeordeath, depends- upon it. -YOu know whit S. Paul fayth,ï Cor. t i. Por thisvery caufe,forne are a cor. I I. fckandfornerveak4, and torve Jeep; fonte die : Why? For comnmitig with_corra.h,onraffeaio , fornot difcerning the;.LarkBody , for not examining our felves, for nor hay inganfwerabledifpo tiorsto the greateeffe of de Nly ler-ics we g öe-about. Let us:tot.-thinkcit enough,to corne .t.othe Sir crament , and then.,to. l'et die reines loofè tó all kind ofvanitie; the very..f-learliens would bea- fhamed ofthat. It is thebane and blcrni(h of Religion, and filch athin} for whichwee may feare ,, that God Will give. who'e Ch; iJiendo:me a purge( I meane) for our exec fìc:. There is a lawfull rife ofFeafling, and comely Application to Recreations; but to comew ith unjo{lifìable Va. tilt uean Chtías Rati- niti:s ( that are not fit at anytime) when we ,.;t,c, fhould