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22. Godlimffè a 1tlyflerie. from our hearts,that Light being flied into light- fome hearts, bothmaydole together; ,rfe 5 Ryfizrie of Againe, being a Myflerie, it cannotberayfed Religion a- Out ofthe Principles of /cloture, it cannot be ray- boveReafon. fed from Reafons. ueflicn. But bath Reafon noufe then in the Gofpel ? Ai/fryer. Yes ; fan ified Reafon hath,todraw fanaified What urcRea- conclufions from fanétified Principles ; thus faire fonhath in Reafon is ofuíe in thcfe Myfteries, to thew, that Religion. they are not oppofite to Reafon ; they are above Reafon, but they arenot contrarie to it even as simile, the light of the Sunne it is above the lìz;ht ofa Candle, but it is not contrarie to it. The fame thing may be both the objea of Faith and of i Reafon. The immortalitie ofthe foule, it is a i matter ofFaith ; and it is well proved by the Hea- then, by the light ofReafon. And it is a delight. full thing to the foule, in things that Reafon can conceiveof,to have a double Light; for the more Light,the more comfort; tohave both the Light of Nature, and the Light ofGrace , and of Gods' Rcafontnuf} Spirit. ßoupe to That which Reafon íhould dohere, is to ítoop Faith. toFaith in things that are altogether above Rea- fen ; as to conceive Chrift in the Wombe of a Virgin the joyning of two Natures in one, the Trinitie of Perlons in one DivineNature, and fiieh like : Here it isthe greateft reafon, to-yield reafon to Faith; Faith is the re'afon ofReafon, ,in .thefe things ; and the greateft rcafonds, to. yeeld to God, that. bath revealed them. Is not here the greareft reafon in the world to beleeve him