Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

99odlineßea ` 4y.f1erie. } zt .__ Wren in later times ; they would comewith their Logick onely,and thongwits, and fuch Learning as thofedarke times afforded ,to fpeake ofGrace,'. of the Gofpel ofjuftification ; they fpake ofit, and diftinguithed in a meere metaphyfcall and carnali manner : therefore they brought onely humane Learning ; they were furnifhed with Plato, and other natural! Learning ; and with thefe, they thought to breake through all the Myfferiesin Religion. Wee muff not ftruggle 1 with the difficulties of Religion, with natural! parts. ' It is a Myfferie : now therefore it muff have a doubleveileCooke off ; aveile from the thing,ar;d theveile fromour eyes. Jr is a Myfferie,in regard of the things trcmfelves, and in regard of us. It' is not fufficient,that the things belightfome that are now revealed by ,l-e Gofpel, but there muff be that taken from our hearts, that hinders our fight. The Sunne is a moff glorious creature, the moff Simile. vifibleobjea oftheworld ; what is that ro a blind 1 man, that bath skates on his eyes ? So Divine I Truth is glorious, it is Light in itfelfe, but there are skales on thceyesof the Ioule, there is a filme that,muff be taken off: there is a veile over the heart, as S. _Faul faithof the /ewes ; therefore they could not fee the fcope of Mofes, dire`#ing all to Chrift :naturally,there is a veile over mens hearts ; and that is the reafon, that though theyhave never fo many parts , and the things be light in t hem- felves , yet they cannot fee : Therefore, rfay, the veile muff be takenboth from the things and from