Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Neceficieof Pray6r. Godlinefe a 1Y4flerie. veiletrom our foules.It is the office ofthe Spirit to take the veils off the heart,and to lighten our underfiandings,and likewife to bea Spirit ofap. pl ication to us in particular. It is to ro purpofe toknow that thefe things are 1M yîteries , unleffe , they be for us, and for our good, that we know Chrift is ours, and that God is reconciled tous : Therefore, faith the Apoftle, hee bathgiven us the Spirit, to know the things chat are givenus ofGod, in particular. So the Spirit clothnot onelybring a bleffed Light to the Scriptures, and (new us the meaning in generali; but it is a Spirit of appli- cation,tobringhome thofe graciouspromiles to every one in particular, to tell us the things that are given usof God ; not onely the things that are given to the Church, but to us in particular: For the Spirit ofGodwill tell us what is in the bref ofGod,his fecret good will to theChurch; he loves the Church,andhe loves thee, fayth the Spirit ; therefore he is called an earneff,and a feale inourhearts ; becau fe he difcovers not onely the Truth at large,buthe difcovers the truthofGods affeecìon, in all the priviledges of the Golpel, that they belong to us; What a blefidd ifco- very is this; that not onely reveales Divine Truths tous, but reveales them fo tous, that we haveour (hare and interefí in them ? Therefore, whenfoever we take the Bookeof God intoour hands, when we corne toheare the Word, beg ofGod the Spirit ; My Houfe (fayth God) /hall' called the Houeof Prayer : not onely the Houle of HearingofDivine Truths, but the Houle