Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Gedline,ße a Áiyflerie: Houfe ofPrayer. In the ufeofmeanes we mull looke up toGod, and Chrifl :it is impudencie and prefumption, to corne to thefe things ,with- out liftingup our foules to God:Therefore there is fo littleprofit under thefe glorious Myfteries, becaufe there is fo littleprayer, &lifting up the heart toGod. We fhould goe to Chrift, that opens, and nomanPuts dffurs , andno manopens : he hath the Key ofDavid; goe to him therefore, that he would both open the Myfteries,and open our hearts, that theymay cloíewith them. In Revel. 5. Saint ¡ohnwept, when the Booke with feven Scales could not be opened ; he wept, that theProphefiewas fo obfcure, that it could not be underftood : but then Chrifl takes the Booke,and opens it. So whenwe cannot under- Randdivine Myderies,let us grt aneand figh to Chrifl;he canopen theBooke with fevenScales, and he layes open all the Myfleries,as farreforth as it concernes us toknow. Godschildrengrieve when things arenot difcovered to them. There is a contrarie difpofition in Gods people tocarnali Papifis:they vex,that Myfleries Ihould be difcovered;°Gods peoplegrieve,that they are not difcovered enough : they makea perverfe ufe ofthis;divine Truths are Myfteries,therfore they maynot be publ ifhed topeople:nay divinetruths are Mvaeries , therefore they mull beunfolded. Hence comes the neceflityof the Miniftery: for, ifthe Gofpelbe a Myfterie,that is,ahidden kind ofknowledge,then theremuff be force to reveale it.God bath therfore ílabli[bed an Office irithe D 2 Church newt. S. Difference in mens difyofi . tions to Gods 2y(teries.