Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

2 Humilicit... Plat. 25. Godlimf3e a (24,yfierie. Church, withwhich he joynes his owne (acted Spirit, that both Ordinance and Spirit joyning together,theveile may be takenotf; Hors can they underfland, without a Teacher ? And, 7o ue is commit- ted the difPenfation, to preach the unfearch'zble riches ofchriß, fayth S. Faul. Therefore there is this Or-. dinarce, to unfold thefe depths, as muchas may ferve for us. Prophane people, they thinke they know enough, they need not be taught;as ifthis were a (hallowMyfterie,or none at all. It argues a prophane andnaughty heart, not toattend up- on all fan1ified meanes; all is little enough : And fometimes God will not grant his Spirit in one meanes becaufe heewill make us goe to another, and from that to another, and runne thorow all. Fie denyes his Spirit ofpurpofe in hearing, becaufehe will have unto read ; andde- nyes it in that, becaufe be will have us conferre, and praa ife the CommunionofSaints ; andall litt leenough, toapprehend this glorious excel- lent Myaerie. A man may know a prophane heart therefore, by defpifing the improovement of any meanes ofknowledge. Ir is a Myfie- rie ; therefore Gods people defire to have it taught.. Againe if we would underfhand thefe My- fleries, let us labour for humble fpirits ; for the Spirit workes that difpofition in the firft place : The humble God mill teach Pfal, 25. the humble, that will depend upon his teaching. Now, this kind of humìlitie here required it is a denyall of our owne wits , though they be never.