Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

34 Godlïneße a grearMyítery In regard cd the originall. Godlitaefre a great Myfierie. All Popifh fpirits are enemies to the Myfterie of GodlineJJe ; becaufe where this is, it blowes upon the Mygerie of inigcsitie ; as indeed the over- throwing oferrour, is thedifcoveringofit : for none would willinglybe couzened. Poperie muff be difcoveredwith the breathofChrift; that is, with a Myfterie, which is too (harpe a breath for his Myfterie to feele : therefore blame them not, that theyare fo bitter oppofìtes to thepub - lifhing ofdivine Truths ; the one Myfterie con- fumes theother. As M®fes Rod devoured all the other Rods fo TruthBates up all oppotite er- rours whatfoever. Seebut in experience; where- foeverTruth is planted, (the Gofpel,and Ordi- nances, and Religionof God) how Satanfal! donne like Lightning, and Anrichrift falls. But this by the way , togive a luftre to the other : There aremanyother Myfteries,befides the My.. aerieofiaiguitie in Poperie ; every Trade bath its Myfterie, and there are Myfteries and fecrets of State : But this is the Myaerieofall Myf}eries, that we fhould giveour (elves moft of all to un- dcrftand ; therefore it is fayd to bea Great Myfterie. That is the adjunct; It is a Great Myfterie. And here I might be endleflè : for it is not onely great, as a Myfterie ; that is, there is muchof it concealed . but it is a great and excellent My. flerie, ifwe regard whence it came; from the Bo`fbme of God , from the Wifedomeof God If we regard all that had any hand in it; God the