Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Godline/fe a great Myflerie. I : the Father,Sonne,and Holy- Ghoft;the Angels, attending upon the Church ; the Apoftles the Pen-men ; Preachers,and Minifkers,the publii1:- ers of it ; it is agreat ¡riyfterie. If we regard the end of it to bring together God and man ; mar, that was fallen,to bringhim The end. backe againe to God . to bring him from the depthof miferie, to the height ofall happineffe ; agreat Myfierie in this refpea. Againe,it isgreat, for the manifold wifedome Thernañnerof that Goddi fcovered in the publifhingof ir, by he man certainedegrees : firn, inTypes; then after , he Y g. came to Truths : firíi in Piomifes; and then, performances: Firff, the feral were the Church ofGod; and then comes in theGentiles :a Tweet, manifold, and deepe wifcdome ; it was agreat Myfterie , in the manner of conveying of it from time to time, from the beginning of the world: Againe , it is a great Myflerie , for that ir Thcwoe ®e workes: for it is Tisch a My(ierie, as is not onely ¿, a difcoverie of fecrets, but ittransformes thofe that know it,and beleeve it. Weare transformed by it, to the likeneffe of Chrift ; ofwhom it is a Myf}erie,to be as he is, full-ofgracc It bath a transforming changing power;it gives fpirituall fight to the blind, and fpirituall Bares to the deafe,and fpirituall life to the dead : whatfoever Chrift didin the dayes ofhis fle(h to the outward man, that he doth bybis Spirit to the inward man.; even by the publicationof thisMyaerie, wondersare wrought by it daily. If