Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Godlinefe agreat 11.1y2;erie. in any meafiire thefe excellent Myfleries, they are in force meafurefo difpofed., as the bleffed Apof}le was ; that is, they have full hearts ; and anfwerable to that, they have full expreffions : out ofthe riches and treafure of the heart, the mouth will fpeake. Therefore let us beafhamed of thedeadneffe, and dulneffe, and narrowne±T'e ofour hearts,' when weare to conceive or fpeake ofthefe things, and labour to have full exprefli- ons ofthem. And that we may the better doe this , let us labour to have as deepe conceits in our under- flandings; as we can ofthat Myf'teryof Iinfulnes that is inuse' and thatMyaerieof mifery. Ir is not to be conceived,thecurfed (latewe are inby nature; It is not tobe conceived,what a depth of corruption is in this heart of ours, and how it ifiies out in finfull thoughts, and fpeeches, and aCtionseveryday :.Indeed there is a height, and breadth, and depth ofcorruption in mans heart, & there is a height, and bredth, anddepth of the mifery ofman : foras it is faid ofthis bleffed e. flare,neithcr eye bath feene, nor care bath heard, nor bath entred into the heart of man, to con- ceive the things that God hath prcpar`d for thole that love him ; f© indeed, neither eye bath feene, nor Bare bath heard, nor bath entred into the beau of man, to conceive the mifery that men are in by nature; orely there are force flafhes of confcience , to give a little taf}e in this \7orld, of that Mifery that men, in the Elate of Nature, fall into, when they goe hence. Therefore I How to have large appre henfionsof this Myfferie. To ice he depth of our co.'uptiont..