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without Contro,verfie. 45 two contrarie Principles alway in a beleever, therefore there is doubting in a beleever , and wavering. Therefore we are exhorted to grow moreand more ; and theendof the Minifterie,is not onely to lay the foundationofa beleever at the firft, but to build themup, that they benot carryèd awaywith every vaine Do6}rine. It is a Truth confefïed tobe true : for Divine Truths are conveyed in an Hiftorie, in the Hiftorie of the Gofpel ; and what groundhave wee to call r t1 em in queftion, more then the ftorieof Thucy, iiweea. W Bides, or the ftorieof Livie, or fuch like ? we take them, becaufe they are the Hiftories of finch Times: fo the Myfterie ©fthe Gofpel iswithout controverfie, becaufe it is aMyfterie in a Hiftorie. In this refpe;t,a man is more unreafonable , that denyes it, thenhe that denyes Livies Booke to be Livies`, or racism to be Tacitus. No man calls thefe into queftion ; why fhouldwe que- ftion this., that is the My(ierie of Godlineffe let downe in theHiftorie of Chrift, of his Birth, his Life,and Death, &c. But not to preffe that further. I will onely make that ufe ofit, that agreat vfe t. Scholar in his time once did upon the point. Men live as if a noble Earle of Mirandula : 1 f there be no cal- o Trull were o cuch, ling there things into queftion, if they have beeneconfirmed by fo many Miracles, (as they have beene in a aria fenfe) why then, how is it, that men live as ifthey made no queftion of the falfehood of them? what kind of men are thofe, that live as if it were without controverfe, E 3 that