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44 .fiodlls2ege a `7vyfler141r The immortalitie of the foule, it is cleare by reafon, from Nature : ye-t notwithflarrding, ill difpofcd foules will not be convinced of the foules immortalitie, but live and dye like Ache.. ifts, in that particular. Thereafoa is cleare,, but it is not cleare , to a lumpifli if-difpofed Fer- verfe fouie. Therefore, God doth carry the ma- nifeflation of Evangelicall Truths cfpeciaily, that rhey maybe cleare to thofewhofe eyes are. open,andnot toothers ; not becaufe theyarenot cleare to*hen, iftheir eyes were open ; but be caufe they oppofe them, and ray fe up rebelliop, at.d ftubbo,neffe of heart againfl. them, It is an undenyable argn,.nent, toproove theScripture tobe theWordofGod,to awel-difpofed foule;, but corne to another, andhewill never leave ca- villing.. Yet aman rnay fay, ,rithout controverfe it is the `1Vord,.of God, becaufe it is fo toa fan- 6lified foule; other perfons are not eo fïdera, ble in divine things:: Therefo>e. the Apple, fpeakes of them, as they are to Gods people, rrit iost- coot - ,hover/ie. Hence then wemay know, who is a trueChriftian ; hee that brings a firme affent toEvangelical) Truths,that theyare Great rrithorit controverßca ictionò But is there no .fçaggering, is there no for- midv contrarij, is there no ream that it may be. othetwife ArErrer, Yes: but in Faith, as faireas it is Faith, there. Whence flag- is no.. doubting, no contrarietle for fl:agge- gering cornes. ring, 'and wavering, is contrarie to the nature ofFaith, andMee-wino- but becaufe there are. two r