Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

....._------- God' in thdef1. did no way demesne the humane nature of Chrift , becaufe it was advanced to a higher Stock, w1 ereit bath a gloriousfùbfif}ence, and being. In the third place, hence comes the enabling of our nature to the worke of falvation , that waswrought in our nature; it came from hence, God was in the f eflo : From whence was the hu- manenature enabled to fuffer r Whence was it upheld in fuffering that it did not finke under the wrath of God ? God was in the ftefh, God upheld our nature fo that both the riches, and dignitie,and the ablenefTeofour nature to be fa wing, and meritorious, all came from this , that Godwas in our nature,. And hence comes this likewife, that what- foever_Chrift did in our nature, God did it; for God appeared inour nature : he tooke not upon him the perron of any man, but the na- ture : And therefore, our fleth and the fecond Perfon beingbut one perfon, all that was done, was done by the Perfon that was God ( though not as God.) Therefore, when he dyed God dyed; when he was crucified, God was cruci- fied. If he had beene two perfons , he had dyed inone perfon,and theother had not dyed : Now, beingbut one perfon, though two natures,what- foeverwas done in the nature , the perfon did ir, according to the other nature. He could not dieas God; therefore (becaufe in lovehe would dye,and be a Sacrifice) he would take upon him fuch a nature, wherein he might be a Sacrifice. This SS. The enabling ofit. 4 That what Chrift did in our nature, Goddid it,