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56 ÿod manifefJ in the f!efa. 1 this is a great dignitie, that our nature is ta. ;ken into the ,unitie of the Perfon of the Sonne of God. Therefore hence it comes, I fay, that whatfoever was done in our nature , God' did it. Hence comes alto the union betweene Chrift and us. Whence is it, that we arefonnesof God? Becaufe he was thefonne ofman God in ourfiefi. Three unions. There are three unions : the union of Natures, God tobecome man; the unionofGrace, that wee are one with rhriit; and , the union of Glorie The firft, is for the fécond ; and the fécond for the third : God becameman, that man might beone with God ; .God was manifeft in the ftefb,that we might be united to him : and being brought againe to God the Father, we might come to a glorious union. I3y this , that -Godwasmanife.ff iao tbeflefh, it is that he was marryed firíi to our nature, that we by union might be marryed to him :wehad never had. union with God, unleffé God had united our flefh tohim,;& in that flefh had fatisfied God. All that Chrifi'd'id, fayth S. Feter, it was to bringuc backagain( to God. 6 Hence likewìfe comes the fympathy betweene Thefy,npaehk Chrift and us; for Chriil is fayd to fùffer with betweene us : Saul sau(rrh rlecute t thou me? hcifiandus > > yfe 1 J He is fayd to be imprifoned in us, and weare fayd to afcend gloriouflywithhim, becaufehe tooke uponhim our nature : fo ifhe be honoured, weare honou- s Our union with Chrift. 'red : ifvré- be defpifed , he is defpifed : There is a mutuall affeC}ion and fympathie betweene Chrifi and us. Hence