Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Godmaniféfl inthefefb. Hence likewife comes the efficacie ofwhat Chrift did ; that the dying ofoneman fhould be fufficient for thewholeWorld : it was, that God ma in theflefh. The Apoftle may well call this, God manifeff in theflejh, a Myflerie, and place it in the firft ranke : forGod tobe included in the Wombe of a Vir- gin , lor happineffe it feife to become a Curie, for him that hath the Riches of all inhim, to, beco:ie poore forour fakes; for him that ever en- joyed his. Fathers prefence, towant the beames ofit for a tirne, he might fatisfie his Fathers juilice, and undergoe his wrath for our Pinnes; here is a matterof wonderment indeed. And (hall we thinke fogreata Myfferieas this was for fmall purpofe ? That the great God (hould take upon him aPiece of Earth ? That he should becomea poore andweake man ? The immortal! God to take uponhimour fiefh, and todye ? That he whom Heaven and Earth can- not comprehend , (hould be inclofed in the Wombeof a Virgin ? For him tobe fo abated, as there was never any abatement like unto Ghrifts,becaufeof the greatnefte ofhis Perron ? If Angels haddone fo; alas, theywere inferiour creatures,they were fervants toGod : but for the Sonne ofGod to take our nature, when it was fo low ! for fo exceIlent. a Perron , to be abated to low ! There was noneever filtered that, that God in ourfle(h filtered : For, as commun ionwithhis Father, was Tweeter tohim , then toall men be- fides; fo, for him towant communion withhis F Father 57 7 The efficacie ofwhat aril did. Yfe I. Chrift tooke our flefii for great purpofe. Grearnefîe of Chrifts sbafe. ment.