Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

TheFpifile2?edicatorie. The firmHumour did fo farre tranfport Ibme Ancients,that they placed veryF e- licitie in Honour, and made.-trange and unnatural) Adventures for the fame. i he fecoud, as an Evill, made them to make that to beHonour,which i,, not ; and de- nie that to be Honour, which is Honour indeed. It is no Honour, to be wicked . nor yet a way to Honour , with God, or good men, : and yet fome men doe glory in theirflame, accountingBafeneffe it ielfe' to be their Honour. It is the high&Honour (and indeed, nothing fo truly ennobled]) to be truly gracious, and godly ; andyet, with mul- titudes of men, Religion andGodlineffe are thought Baines and blernifhes ofHo- nour, ignoblingGrea[nefie it felfe,*hich they tho , as the greatJl harne. The Scriptures make Codlinefle. the formal) and intrinfecall Caufe, and Root of Ho- nour Nay, it is and was the opinion of the moff moderate Philofophers That Vertue is the proper Bads of Honour and that it doth belong to Vertue, as a Debt; and fomuch as vertuous, fomuch laonou-