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Go Cornforrwhen Confcience is awaked. God moileft in the flea). plyes us with temptations, the foule will have no reff, but in an infinite ground of comfort. The foule is prone naturally tomil -give, and to fore - caft the worft, and to conceive hardly of God in the timeof temptation, as an enemie ; and Satan is then bufieabout nothing fo much , as that we fhould have hard conceits ofGod and to make us forget the maine end of the great worke of our Redemption which is to under- mine our unbeleefe by all meanes,by letting be- fore the foule filch grounds as themoft unbelee. vingheart in the world, if it did confider of, would fafden,and lay it felfeupon. Therefore, let us labour to cherub, at filch times efpecially, large thoughts of the infinite goodneffe and mercie of God, and of the love of Chrift, con defcending fo low,as to bemanifeff in theßejh for our fakes. It is a point of wondrous comfort, that now in C sr JESUS', God becomming man, we can in him break through the jufticeofGod: For, as 1 faid, when Confcience is awaked,there are other mannero fconceits ofGod, then when . it is fleepie,and drowfie. A fleepie Chriftian bath a Height conceit of God, as if he as little thoughtof his (Imes, as hedoth himfelfe. Oh, but when Confcience is awaked and when we are drawne from thepleafures offinne°, and they from us, and Confcience bath nothing to doe, but to looke upon God, and upon the time to conne,which iseternity,thenif there be not fome- what for- Confcience tooppofe that is equall to the