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God manifefi in thef!ejl.. ,..... thejul1ice of God ; if there be not fomcwhat about us, to cloath us , and arme us, to paffe thorow the juftice ; what will become of us ? Therefore it isa fruitfull confideration, that God was manifeft in ourflefh,and that togive fatisfa, lo- on to God, that fo Confcience might have full fatisfa&ion. This teacheth us what we fhould doe,whenwe find any trouble rife in our Confcience for fins, andunworthineffe. Cafl our felves upon God in ourflep; God,that becameph for us, and dyed for us; let us flay our felves there. I am unwor- thy, a lumpe of finne, there is nothing in me that is good. Oh, but I have all in Chrift, he is righ- teoufnefFe forme, he bath abundance for me, his fulneffe is for me. Therefore youhave it, Colo/. 2. r 6. The fulnele of the Godhead dwells in him bodily. Towhat purpofe is this fulneffe inhim He fhewes in the words following ; In him wee are compleate. Suppofe inour felves we be fin - ners, andweake ; that we are as ill as finne or the Devil' can make us, in the time of temp- tation; yet, in him we are compleate ; And , for this end, thefulneffe of the Godhead dwells in him bodily. Therefore, in all doubts, in re and of finne,and unworthineffe, let us labour for Faith, (for Faith is a Grace, that carryes us our ofour felves, and plants and fixeth us inChrift) let us confider of our felves inhim , and confider of whatfoever is inhim, it is for us. It is no matter what'weare our felves ; in him, weare ina glo- rious condition. F 3 And What todoe, in trouble of Confcicnce. Celtf. t: r 6+