Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

PO;sykOff 67 ajerz nt, änd ;thPMbealtogether a' Lard and King in thyaffedibns,& not ferve thy brethren? Chri{tdoe this, that thou ihouldeftbea proud'perfon_? 1-?e .jcame to expiate thy pride : .AwayWith thy proud conceits, thou be too proud to follow and imitatehurnbierrie yet thinkenot thy felfe too:good to imitate art bum- ble God. There is no fpirit more oppo{ite to the fpirit of a Chriftian, then a fpirit fwelling and lift up, that thinkes it felfe too good ro be abafed in the fervice ofothers,that carries it felfe loftily.. A proud fpirit is molt oppoilte to the Spirit ofGod, that became man to expiate this pride,of ours, and toworkeortr falvatión in:this fßefh ofours. Ofall frnnes , let us take heed of this Diabolicall S.atanicall Caine; let us be aba- fed for Chrift , that was abafed for us : and as he left his Heaven ; to doe us good, he left Heaven it felfe ; fo let us , ifwe have. a conceited heaven, and happinefse in our felves, leave it, and be- come bate and low, to doe any good we can. Sha11 he {loupe and bend to us fromHeaven to Earth,and concealehisM;ajell:ie, not tobeknown robeas he was ; and (hall not wee ffoupe one to another, to doe good, and come downe fromour conceited excellencie ? Herewe have a ground likewife ; 'not to envie' pre the biefsed Angels their greatneffe nay,herewe Not to nv;c have that,whereinwe are abovethe Angels them- Angels. felves : for he tooke not upon him the natsare of con_ geli ; but he was, Cod manifest-in ourflelb Chrifl marryed ournat ure to himfelfe, ou e ofhis love, that