Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

68 yodmanifefi in thefte/b: that he might marry us tohimfelfe by his Spirit; and now, by our union with Chrift we beneerer him then the very Angels are. The Angels are not the Spoufe of Chrift; but now, by realon ofhis taking our nature, we are kínne toChrift : he it bone ofour bone, andflfhof ourfdefh ; and wee are bone ofhis bone , andffefb of his fief!), We are the Body, Chrift is the Head. We are neerer to Chrift, then thevery Angels. Nowonder then, iftholebleffed Spirits dailyprie into this Great Myfferie. Laftly, let us labour that Chrift may be ma_ nifefled inour particularflefh,in our perlons. As he was God manifefl in theflefb, in regard of that bleffed Maphe tooke upon him ; towe would every one labour, to have God manifeff in our flefh. oueffion. How is that? An(mer. Wemull. have Chrift (as it were borne in us) HowChriá formed in m,as the Apofile fpeakes, Certainely, may bemani.. the fame Spirit that fan6tified Chrift cloth feáinus. fanc`lifie every member of Chrift ; "and Chrifi is in force fort begotten,and conceived, and ma- 1 nifefed in every one that is a Chriftian. We mull labour, that Chrift maybe manifefl incur Ì underftandings, in our affe&ions ; that he may bemanifeff to us, and conceived (as it were) in us, as S. Paulrphrafc is , That the life ofChrift may be made manife:ft'inour mortallflefh : The lire and. Spirit ofChrift, mutt be manifeffin every true Chri than ; and their flefhmutt be fanetified by the fame Spirit that Chriftsflefb was fan lit ed __5 withall.