Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

F__-----_ Ch,rifl jurtifed in theSpirit. r___. .-; -- theSonne loth graciouffy toman , it is d,one'by the spirit : For, as the holy spirit is in the ,order ofthe Perlons, fo he is in the order ofworking: the Father workes from himfelfe , the Sor,'ne workes from the Father the holy spirit frot,a them both; theholy Spirit proceeds from the Father, and the Sonne, as a common Principle : Therefo,re,fometimes theFather is fayd to rayfe Chrifts Body, by his spirit; Chrift is fayd todo things by the spirit. Here in this pplace,itisefpe- cially tobe underftood`of Chrifts Divine Na- ture,not excluding the' Holy-Ghoft : For, as the Holy.Ghoft, in the Incarnation, fan&ified his fleJh, the fecondPerfon tookeflet{ , but the third Perlon fanaified it fo in the Rélurretion of Chrift, the fecond Perlon that rayfed it felfeup, but yet it was by the Holy-Gholt too. So,when there is mentionhere of Chrift juftified by the spirit,that is,by his God-head,and by the Holy- Ghoft,whichhe alwayufed,not as an inftrument, for the Holy-Ghoft is a commonPrinciplewith himfelfe, onewith himIdle, ofequal' dignitie, onely differing in the order ofPerlons : What. foeverChrift did,hedid with thespirit;that mutt not beexcluded.Chrift was as well juJlifted in the Spirit,as God,as manifeft in our nature to be man. And this was in the timeofhis abatement : in the greateft cxtremitie of abatement, there was fornevvhat that came from Chrift, to juftifie him that he was the SonneofGod, the true Mefias': there is no part ofh is abafement,but fumebeams ofhis Godheaddid breake forthin it. G H e Cod-hesd'x geared in Chrifts abaft. r ànt.