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7z Chrifi jí'sflified intheSpirit. Spirit how ta- ken in Scrip.. tu re. For the nature of God. Iobx 4. 2 For the Di- vine Nature ofChrift. Zoom. I. 4. s Pet.;. r8. For theibird Perlon inTri ni tie. The Horfes ofthe tgypr jansareflefh,andnot#iriti chat is, they are weake, a fp:stt is ftrong;fomuch f pi tir, lb much ftrength. So, by the purifie and ftrength of the Divine Nature, Chrift difco vered himfelfe tobe crue God, as well as crue man. The word spirit is taken in three fenfcs efpe- cially in the Gofpel. It is taken for the whole nature of God : God it a Spirit, fayth Chrift to the woman of Saa- ris 3 thevery nature ofGod, is a Spirit ; that is, ad ive, and fubtile; oppofite to meaneneffe,and weakeneffe. Then againe, Spirit is taken more part cular1y for the DivineNature ofChrift, as it is ñorn,I.4. Ofthe seed ofDavid, according to tt fJh, but de, Glared mightily tobe theSonne ofGod i rh, power, according to theffririt ofanitification, or kolicelse, by the refurreE ionfrom the dead. Theoppofition fhewes, that Spirit is taken there for the Divine Nature of Chrift. He had fpoken in the Verfe before, concerning his humane nature, he was madeof the seed of David, according to ihefefh; and it folIowes, declared to be the Sonne of God, ac. cording to the fjirit of ho/inc/e, by the refurreítion from the dead, and fo likewife in I Pet. 3. 18. He mas put to death in the flefh but quickned in the (j'irit : Hewas put todeath inhis humane nature, but quickned, and rayfed, as hewas God. The Spirit is taken likewife for the third Perlon in the Trinitie, the Holy- Ghoft,theholy Spirit: And indeed,whatfoever God the Father, or God the.