Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

94 Hieron. advert. Hekid. 2, Firft born, types ofC1rifl. and beleevers. He holdshis birth-right as the Sonne of Godbynature; and wee by grace made the fonnes of God, he difdaines not to call us brethren. 2. For un- dertaking his office, i. In his incarnation, he was the firft borne of his Mother. AA1at. r .aS, tillfbe hadbrought forthherfirfi: borne Son ; not in retina ofany that his mother had after him, but becaufe (he had none before. 2. For the ftrange mailer. He was the fiat borne of a virgine,and ío never hadbrother. 3. He was the fir1 borne without finne. 3. For accompliíhing his office in his refurreCtion. He is calledthe Brit begotten or firft borneofthe dead twowaycs. I. In refpeft ofhis father who firft begot him from the dead. Whence his refur- reoion is called a begetting. AU. 13.33. thou art my fonne, this day have I begotten thee; the Apoftle apply- ingit to the re!urreCtion ofChrift. And hadnot the Fa- ther thus begottenhis fonne from the dead, we had ne- ver been raifed fromdeath. 2. In regard ofhimfelfe, whofe priviledge it was to raife up himfelfe from the dead by his owne power, Rom. r.4. As himfelfe Paid, I have power to takeup my lifeagaine. And being rifen, hewas the farft that afcended inbody and foule into. hea- ven. Thus confider Chrift, as sod, as Mediator, as in- carnate,as raifed,and afcended; he is the Lords firft born, and the birthright belongs to no other. I I. The firft borne ofIfraelwas the fecond, and next to the father of the family, yea, after the father, inflead ofthe father : So is Chrift to his family,the Church; he performes all offices ofacareful' and tender father, and takes onhim not theaffeetiononely ofa father,but even z . thename ofa father. Ifa.9.6. Father ofeternity. 2 the office ofa father. i . He fupplies the meanes ofjpiritatall life, as they.ofnaturall. z. Hee nurtures and teacheth his Church. 3. Heeprovides for the.prefent, and be- ftowes the inheritance ofeternalii life. III. The firft born had the preheminence among the brethren, i