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4 CHRIST REVEALED 0 THE OLD TESTAMENT EXPLA INED. ATreatifeof the Types and Shadowes ofour SAVIOVR contained throughout the whole SCRIP TITRE: All opened aud made ufefullfor the benefit ofGods Church. By THomAs TAILORD.D.late Preacher at ALDERMANBVRY. Perfeaed by himfelfe before his death. HIERON. ad PAVL IN. Inprompts eft Levitiew liber, in quofingulaAcráficia,irno fingrilx pait',Iyllabx,&veftise,14ron,& toots ordo Levitkllsfpirant cce- lefliafkrarnenta. LONDON, printed byM. P. for R. DirplmanandL.Favne at the figne of theBrazen ferpent in Pauls Churchyard. M DC XXXV.

TO THE RIGHT WORSUIPFVLL Sir MILES F L E E T E W T O O D Knight, Receiver General! of his Mat:"' Court of Wards and Liveries All welfare in Guilt IESVS. Noble Sir: T is a truth able to en- dure themoil. fiery times & trialls,None but Chri/l, none but Chrift. Ignatius expreffetli as much , drawing neare to his Martyrdome, Let corne upon nie tire, cro,jfe, meetings ofwtldebeajls,cuttings,tearings,brea- kings ofbones,rendings ofmembers, diolutions ofthewhole body, andall torments of the devill, I. L.am6ert Martyr. I Epifi, adRo- mano:,

The épifile Lvov that Imaygain le/us ChrJ.Thus he,intreating theRomans not to intercede for him, and hinder his fuffering for the Carl And thus the fer- vante ofGod in there lafa times,when Ro- manifis have thrum them into-Wanes and other calamities. 1.ß.Y i s Chrift is all, and inall,faid theApoftle Look to theChurch: he fupplies all de- feas ofhis people, heales all their infirmi- ties, puts on all confortable relations, and procuresall Pavingbenefits, in the golden chaîne of our falvation, which reacheth from eternitie to eternitie,We Thal obferve, that Chrift is the owke or clofure that ty- eth every linke together : as in there lines. He is the foundationofour ele tion,E- phef.I.4. He is thepticeofour redemption, t Pet. 1. 18,19.. He is the caufe efficient ofour regenera- tion, Eph.2.1o. } He is the author of our juflification, ler.33.i 6: He ils the beginner and perfeìer ofour fanai-

LeGIZCatorit fanaification, FIeb.12, 2.1ohra 15.4,5. He is the flatter ofouronfolation,fpirituall and t temporal,c.16.37.Rom.5.1.He is the .f veet- nerand ianetifier ofall ourtroubles,Rom.fl. 37. c.He is the affurance&pledge ofour refurre6tió ,t Con t 5.2o.He is the procurer & producer of our glorificati6,Iobn 17.22. (&ek. z 1.23. All ofthé good grounds ofc6- fort, & let orth the happines ofGods peo- ple. All of them difgrace merit,& the wor- thineffe of the creatures , Men and An- gels. All of themmagnifie Gods love and wifedome, call unto thankfulneffe, and would makous content with little. All in- vice labour, to make lureof' a portion in Chrift, without whom all is as nothing. And finally, all command thole that are in Chrift, to be all unto him, doall for him, giveall,(uffer all,tpeake,live, die, rejoyce in all through him, andwith him expechall in his heavenly kingdome Looke to the Word, wherein all thefe things are revealed Chriff is evidently the matter and fumage ofthe Gofpell : and the Apoffle affirmes the like concerning the A Law, 2.

Rom.x 0.4. Cant. M. 9. *TbeEpifite Law, Chrift is the endof theLev for rieghte- oufileffi to every one that beleeveth. Firfr, by fimilitude, faith Áuftin:when a man is come to the end ofa way, he can go no farther : fo when a Chrif{ian is come to Chrift, he hath no farther excellencie to Peek or go unto: inChrift there is enough andenough to reconcile him to God, and bringhim to heaven. Secondly, forperfe5lion,laith Cyril: when a thing is finifhed, it is Paid to come to an end,as namely in weavinga garment: foChrift hath fnifhied, perfected, and ful- filled the Law : he came not to deffroy, but effablifh it: fo that in him we have a perfe 1t righteoufnes to prefent Godwith- all,even as the Law required,Gal. z.16. ar. Thirdly, he is finis intentionis: the Law bids us look to Chrift, in whom only we can live: both the Moran Law, in the holy precepts of it, inapofsible in this our weak- nefe, therefore have recourfe to Chrift, Zotn. 8.3, 4. together with thecurfes and threats ofit, whereby it is a,fharpe SMhoole- matter,leading to Ohrif,Gal ,3.24. Asalto the Ceremonial) Law, all wholeihadawes figure out Via..01P111.

Dedicatorie, out Chrifl and his benefits, Heb.to.t. Nov is Chrifl come (faithTertullian) who is the end ofthe Law, opening all the dark matters ofit, anciently covered under the mills of Types and Sacraments : An excellent mailer, an heavenly teacher, afetler oftruth to theuttermoll. ,/lujiin calls Moles his ceremonies, prenunciative or foretelling Ob, fervations : and faith, We are not now conflrained to obferve things ufed in the Droplets time,Non quia ills damnata,fedquia in melitts mutataJunt; notfor any evill in them, but becau/e theyare changedfor the better. What they foretold, and how they are changed for the better, this Treati,fe in part difcovereth,and I purpofe not now todif courfe. Thele glorious times ofthe Gofpel fliew evidently, how much the truth ex- celieth the fhadow : the vertue common to the ancient beleevers, as well as unto us: Chrifi Iefusyflerday, and to day, and thefame or ever: but as the manifef$ation is more cleare, fo the grace is more plentifull and comfortable. The fame Tef+ator made bothTef}aments, and thefediffer not real- ly, but accidentally ; the Old infoldirzg the Az New `Do cibis Iud. cQp,5. Cont. Fßr,f : Advert. bid. Heb.r3. S.

The8p0le Newwith forne darkneífe, and the New unto/dins the Old with joyous perfpi- cuitie. This glorious difpenfationofgrace, as it ffandsby the good pleafure of God, fo alfo by his manifold wifedome, who in feverall approches ofhis mercy and good - neffe drawes 1E11 nearer to his Church,and yet referves the greateff for his Kingdorne of glory. Even now, in this marvellous light of the Gofpell, wehave our divine ceremonies and facraments, fee him afarre off, knowbut in part, darkly as in aglaffe, and receive our bell contentment by the acts of faith, while the Word and Spirit make us know the things freely given us ofGod in Chriff Iefus. But time (hall bee, when (to fay nothing of the efiate of the Church after the ruine of Antichrifl, and calling of the Iewes) we shall in heaven fee him whomwe beleeved, face to face, clearly,perfeély,irnmediately, without Sa- craments or Types, in the fullell vifion, nearefl union, andabfolutefl fruition. Ne- ver till then fhall we comprehend-.wholly what

Dßdicatorie: what is the marrowof that text, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. To your Woríhip I commend this Treatife of that illuminate Do6tor, excel- lent fometime in following and opening an Allegory, and nowmore excellent in enjoyingtheTruthit l'elfe: ofwhom,while here a Preacher, you.fhewed your felfe a joyfull Hearer(as ofother faithful! Paflors at this day) with obedience of the truth, religidus care ofyour family, integrity in your office, loveofgood men, both in the Miniflery and private eflate, and all Chri. flian behaviours;as the fameofyour Tweet favour goes forth in the Church ofGod,to which I doubt, not but this Treatifewill be the more welcome, becaufe ofyour . worthy name prefixed. It is an Orphane, and the Widow delires it fhould be your Ward, who inyour love can bell tender it, and byyour authority defend it fufficient- ly The God of heaven increafe all hea- venly graces and comforts in your noble heart abundantly, and adde unto your dayes, honours, and blef ings of all forts, A; . till .Ir

EPillie <PC 4 till there fhadowes flie away, and the true Day-flarre arife upon you in glory : the hearty prayer of one, who is, and defires tobe reckoned among Ifloworth lone :o. 035. Tour WE true , friends, in ever ygoodfervice, WILLIAM rEigiti AT. AEI

TO THE ctiRfSTIAN READER. Haveheardof a demurre made, as though forne- thing were'put forth under this Authors name, which it node ©fhis. Iaffure thee in the word of a MThiffer, that for the workes that have my p- piifleprefixed (and I heare of noother publifh- ed withhis name) thereis not one note nor notion which is not the Authors owne,according to his papers. And the like t affirme concerning this Treatife ofTypes, which now I pub- i lifh. The ufe ofit is manifold. Toopen divers placesof Scrip- 1 tune : To Phew ;hemeaning oflegall fhadowsand ceremonies: Ì Todeclare the faith of the Elders, who receivedagood re- Htb.I r,3; port: Tó manifef} our faith, one with theirs, onefatth, one Eph.4.s. Lord,oneBaptifine,one falvation: Tomagnifie and commend Chrift to every fonle,that it may be faved, and he honoured: To difcerne and bewaile the blindnef%ßf Gods ancient peo- ple,the Iewes,andpray for their returne to thetruth,not catch- ii g at fhadowes : Ofwhonm, inprefent I may faywith detefla- tionoftheir madneffe,as he faid again it the hhilofophers,Nos quit non habitu, &c. Wee Chriflians, whof excellencieHands M.I iix.Fcl. notin outward things, butfpirituall, glorie that we have.found Ociav, what they (with all theirdiligence) have fought, and could notfinde. Whyarewe unthankLfgall ? Why doeweflandin our ownelight, ifthe truth ofthe Deitie hathinthis ourar at- , twined to naturitie? Let îu enjoyand mak,çuafeofour`owne I mood, andfollow the truth in truth: avaunt fuperfition, be packZin` ail tmpietie, let trite religionh eprefervedandflcturifb. Yet withall, feeing there is apromife that all Ifraelfhallbefa- Ro111,11. 26. ved, let us pray for the performance, and that with all carnefl- neffe, as that converted Jew gave exhortation tohis fonne,So lon Doureforth thyprayersfor the remnant oflfrael,till God L&iov.Ccreta: loo efronthishigh habitation, andfee, and have mere) on 155'3. his people for theLordsfake,.his Anointed, that in our daies Iudahmay befaved,andthechildrenofIfraelmay dwellfafe ÿ in their owne land, andfpendtheir idaies in good, theLord makinghi: goodSpirit to refsupon them. William Jemmar. A 4

ATableoftheContentsofthis Treatife. I, He InrroduEtion : containing cially, how. '' 3 'e proportions , of the Ceremonies called /Wows for Church,falvation,covenát ofgrace, foure reafons. 4 Chrift,&,the anciët ceremonaes,p. I Threefoldufe o f thetas to the leas' .5 Five reoafnsfor theft ceremanies,t Gods wifedom in appointing thetas :- Grace in the New Telament Me- threewayes. ibid IL TheTreatife :Hewing Chrift prefigured byholyperfons and things. y L o f ce,originall, excellencyofperfon. 1 Adam a type of Chrift in creation, and `Priefthood. 17 office,foveraignty, conjugation,pro- Chrifl'arearer than Abraham. 20 pagation. 6 Comfort by. Chrift our Melchize- The tíi'linif ery.reverendfaranti- dek. ibid. guïtíe, 8 We are bleffed by our 1Víetchize- edntiquity of the doltrine offree dek., 21 race. ibid. By our Melchizedek the Church Seek,e life by Chrifls death. ibid. abidesforever. 22 Get into Chrift the fecond Adam, Excellencie of Chriflf Prieflhood as thou art lively of the firfl. above the Leviticall: eight waies. (Motives. . 9° ibid. , j I Sin notto beaccountedflight,whofe Noah a typeforfalvation,righteouf- facriface isfo co_lily. 24 neLf e, preaching,,4rke,repa:ring the I V. world, facrifice of reft, and adove Ifäacatype in birth, Pilfering, offe- fent out of the Arke. 1 o ring, efcape, marriage. 2..4 TPreferve integrity in the worf Apatterneofobedience in 5.things. times. 14 28, Two rules. 29 Sinner which arefgnes ofjudges A -type ofour. refurreElion. -31 ment approaching. 15 Matter offweet confolation. 31 Comfort to bee had in Chrift our Lookfor helpe, though the cafe bee Noah. i 6 deffierate. , ibid. g'I I. V. Melchizedek a type in Etymologie, ]ofeph a type in-his perfbe, aciions, pafflons,

The Contents. pa f ans,advancement. 33 Nonewerforgoodmen to be hated for their excellencie. 3 411fuferings ofthegodly come f God: ordained andordered. 37 Comfort, by Chrifi our Iofeph fa/irewaye). 38 Do to Chril.as Ioíephs brethren to him. 39 1 VI. Mofes a type in perfon, ofate, ofice, fuf fering, fundry at7ions. 40 our dollrine áe orGod. 4S Befaithfull in doing thy office. 46 Skewfaith in thefruit of it : con- trary tofoureforts ofmen. 47 Afurance ofour refurrei lion. 47 V1I. jofhua a type inHaving, calling, mi- racles,aialour,aiions , 48 A fearfuli thing to be an enemy of the Church. 5 I Comfort in our falvation accom- plilbed. 52 Duties treeowe to Chrifl our jo- í}qua. 53 Conditions to be ob(erved ingoing to heaven, 5 3. Six . 54 VIII. Sampfona type inperfon: condition, :pions,fuferings,iratagems, vi. dories. 55 lodge none by outwardcalamities. 58 Strangemeanet ufedby Godfor.the Churchesgood._ S9 Our viUorieflank in patienceand paon. 6o Fourefold comfort to Gods people. ibid. In Gods caufe contemn greatefl perill: andpreparefor death ap- proching. 62 I X. David a type in perfora, vocation, warres,kingdome, o f ce,Propreti., call and Priefly. 6z Enter upon no office without a fa- f anceofthe Spirit. Ano te.ofit. 70 Chrifl the true Kingofthe Church. Nine wayes more excellent than David. 71 HowGodbrings hisfervants to ho- nour. 74 Church ever peflered with home- bred enemies. 75 Comfort to theChurch,in3.things. 74 X. Salomon a type in perfon, condition, peace-making, wifedome, glory, temple,juftice. 77 Duties to Chrift our Salomon two. 83 Fourefold com. fort inour Salgtnan. 84 xi.. Jonah a type in name, office, death, buriall,refurreElion. 85 Repent at the Afiniflery of Chrífts fervants.. 87. Motives. 88. Vòcatien

TheC®ntent's, f'ocation ofthe Gentiles. 89 Our refurreciion af lured to tu. 89 Power and zvi;'edomeof God to bee admired. 90 Terror of fn,essen in Gods own chil- dren: and comfort. 9 X I t. The FirPr-borne, types : as codspe- culiar, fathers of thefamily, pre. (erredbefore brethren, doablepor- tion. 9 Every mercy is thegreater engage- ment unto God. 9 5 Honcur Christ as the frfl-borneof God : and how. 96 rhreefold-comfort in thebirthright 97 Forfeit not the birthright byfin.98 Refemble Chrifi our elder brother. 99 XIII. Priefl s, types:indeputation to office, and execution : choice, confecra- tion, appavell : aciions. 100 A coverfor its in Chriflfor all de- formities o f foule andbody. i o I alities requifite in Miniflers. 102 Eminency ofChrtfl above allcrea- tures. I o 5 iMiniflers mug increafe theirgifts. 1c Duties ofprivate Weevers. ibid. threeficrif7ces. ibid. Noperfellicn but only in Chrif1.108 3'tnne unpardoned, all fervice is abominable. 110 wafhandpure all with the blood ofChrifi. I 1 Notes ofit. ibid. Ef feE s of beingfoweed andpur- ged. 113 Friefls garments common, andpe- culiar to the High Prie. i ï 4 Seven ufes thereoffor Miniflers. 125' Three ufesfor thepeople, Twofold inflruElion. i 2g. Comfort to the godly, in reeeí1of their head and themfelves, j31 Beleevers highly efleer»ed,as preci- ousflones. 133. fin toflight them, 134. Temperance of Miniers. i 3 S. marriage. 137. mourning for the dead. i .a .Miniflers dutie. 147. private Chri;iians dulie, as Priefis to God. 1 49 X I V. Nazarites, types : as fet apart for God, abflemiows, nourifhing the haire, not to touch the dead, and releafed oftheir avow. 15o Christ and hls excellency tobe ac- knowledged: and power,»herein. 1 5 S Difference of the Nazarites vow, and Papifls. 156 Be Nazarites unto God : in dive things. 157 XV. i

TheContentsa xv. Cleane petrons,types :.threeforts of uncleannefe. 159 Meats andunclean)iow,andwhy. T60. two market. 161 I.fiee, uí.clea ae,corporall andfpiri- tual. 162 Leprofie ofbody, andofJin. 164. fsgnes. T 66 Church and members fubjell to many defilements. 167 Lookenarrowly on the miferyof fn. 168, goodfruit thereof 1 7o Aliferable ef'e 7s of inward un- cleannerEe I 71 Wafhing legal,andofChrifls blood, 172 Srnalle¡l finnes to beput away.' 71 andhow. 175 Offeringpurgeth the uncieane: fo of Cbrift,typ:fied 175 There is a w e( to cleanfe every un- J eleannef fe. Have recourfe to themeaner, I So. motives. ibid. Be vc;y careful to avoidj iritual uncleannefè. 18 I OblatFo : ofbirds. x 82. C.rnfort to thegodly. 185 Af eillpurityofheart :and !'ife. Mo- tives. 186. D iretlions. 187 Avoidall acc lens of defilement. 189 No ea/ie matter to be ridofJin.194 Szp'arL ìrCrfie thep-ecio:u and the vile : who mull. 195 Chrift dicernes the lepra f e offan. f 196 Only they are tleanfed from finne, 'homes Chrifl accountsfo to be. 197, Marresofone cleanfedfromfisane. ibid. What is to 6edone before this cure. 199. and what afterward. ibid. VT. Holy things, types of Chri. 200 Vfe oflegal ceremonies. 201 Their fiteele to the loves nature.- _ot. ends. 20 a Sacraments and facrifices guifhed. 203 ;Sacraments ordinary and extraor- dinary. Ctrctsmeiron defcri6ed in parts, 205 saffigne of Chrilt, andfealeofriahj teoufne(je,hozv. 207 ,8e humbledfor natural/corrupti- on. 103. and imperfeíçion of grace. . 209 Be circtsxrecifed ly, 209. what it iL 210. notes. 2 I I MortEfbcation,tfrirght,iepainefull 212 .Motives to get the J.iritsraló eir- cxmcifn. 21g° 204 n X V I T. PaJ,y,. eJ vQr. . ;If: :,i t,',4? I'77/iire' pre- paration, efufson of6lood, eratípsg, fruir:..

TheContents. fruits. 216 Chri l aLamb: andhisperfetlion. 217 Chrifi two way: set apart to bee a Mediator. 219 The timeofhis miniflery andpaf- on ordered. 220 Chrifi muff dye a violent death : time ofit. 221 leveesdivifion ofthe day intofosire parts. 231 Horn Chrism is to be conceivedand received. 2,22 Inall worfhip looktoChris. 223 Thepreciotsfnef e ofChrifla blood. 224 Appl cd. ibid. .Faith refembled by hyffope, how. 225 Chris blood to be highly prix:ed. 226 Precious things procured by it. 227 Profane not the blood of Christ, 227. how. 2 Feedingon the Lambe, and Christ; five conditions. 229 Danger ofthefoule : and how it is to beavoided. 235 DireClions for receiving the holy Communion. 236 Similitude ofpurging out leaven and fin. 238 Entirepurging ofthefaule. 239 Whole Chris$muff be received.241 andhow. 242. Popifh abufes taxed, about the Lords Supper. 241 xvIII. Pillar of Cloud and Fire, a type of Chrift. 243 hors. 246 Foure confiant miracles to Ifrael in the wanlderneffe. 244 Comfort by Christ as our. guide. 24 infeven things. ibid. Confidenceandfecurity by Chrifl. 2ç® Notes ofthem that receivecomfort by this Pillar. 272 And how this comfort is te beeffee- med. 7.53 Mercy and lu(licemet In this type. 254 Follow Chrifi as aguide. 255 and how. 256 XIX. The Red Sea, a type. 157 in three conclusions. 259 Miracles in the miraculous divi- dingofthefea. 257 Benefits foaled up by Baptifine: foure. 261 Obrave the powerofg(. god. 261 Theway to heavenfilled withdifi- culties : andwhy. 262 Many comforts f) thatgreatwork. I of God. s 263 Duty

TheContents; Dittyof them that will enjoy thrfe comforts. 264 X X. Manna, a typeorCbrifl. 265 mattersofrefemblance, 2616 WhyMannapetrified, ifreferved. 271 Chrift infinitely better than Man.. na 272. Godspatience and love to be noted. how itfhouldworke in Gods wadchfichefeand care his. Church, tobe noted. Comfort thereby , and inflances. 276 Gods bounty toward his Church, to be noted 277 His wifedeme in miniflring to his Chaìrch,tobe noted. 278 Manna whygivendaily, yet not on the Sabbath. 2.79 (Moderation in natirall"things : and what ù GOD S meafure. 280 e'Ilan ofhimfelfe isfenfelc e ofthe I things oflefus Chrift. 281 Whence this comes, 2 81 and of what tare. 282 Hunger and thirflfor Chris{ : mo- tives. 283 Take paines for him : motives, 283 Obferve times andplaces to meet with Chrifl. 284 274 27; over 275 Apply andfeedon C'hrif . 285- Andhow. 286 Bee never weary of this (.2/LGtnn6t. 286 Motives. 287 Píe and mrsgnifie th (A/fauna. 287 XXI. Water out oftheRocke, a type of Chrisl. 288 in threenefpeaa. 2,89 Chrifl refmbledby aroue : 290 andwater; .291 Chrift eaterprefent with hisChurch 295 our dirty, ibid. i9n almiehtypower in Chriflfor h,o Church. 296 our duty. ibid. 'Gods mercy to hispeople,admira6le 296 See thefountaine ofgrace opened and itsfuperexcellency. 297 Thirftfor Chrifl: and conditions ofit. 298 continue it : two rules. .2 9 Have recourfe to Chr in' this thirfl: motives. 2,99 Ouenoh thy thinfl; andbefatisfeed. ibid. motives. 300 C 2Vfeanes to get water out ofthis Rock: hindrances :helper. 301 XXII. The brazen 8erpent,a type of(brig 302 Goda

The Contents. Gods jufice here to be noted, and equity ofit. 303 Offiery the oldferpent the devil. 30 4 Temptations calledfiery darts,why 30-5 Obfervations aboutfn,deceitfolly, poifon, danger ofloving it. ti 06 G6dappoints the meaner ofhealth tofoule andbody. 3o7 Abrazeisferpent, notgolden : five reafonr. 3o8 Chrifi lifted up before tu, how. 309 Application of Chrifl a Paving re- med, y farre mofi excellent. 3to God helpes bis people byweakLe, un- likely, and contrarymeaner : and why. 311 groundsfor faith in thefe troubles ofthe Churches. 3 13 Kingdome ofAntichrif ,hoarfitfor defirudion. 314 The eye o f faithmull Phut theeye of reafon. 315 Foure things cannot otherwife bee obtained. 315' Beleeve the Wordabflutely. 319 Pray for eyefalve : and what it is. .320 Captivate thine owns realm and wifedome. 3 to motives. 3 21 Mans reafon, themother ofhere- fies. 3 23.6" 3 24. Natural"' reafon, an enemy to the power ofgodlinejfe. 3 25" What ù to be done to be curedfpiri- tually. 326 Wound's ofin compared to deadly poifon :infoure things. 3 27 Comefor counfetlto f iirituall Phy- f tìans. 3 z7 who reproved. 318 Confelfe ffieciall faunes : and goe wholly out of thy (elfe and allo- ther. 329 Look only unto Chrifi : and that two wages. 331 How thu looking cures us :by faith: andhow byfaith. 33 Markes of one cured by looking to Chrifl. 133 Foure qualities ofthe eye that looks tohim. 334 Motives to lookup to our Serpent. 335" ÿfe ofcomfort, infive particulars. 337

z Propo.fittons concerning the Church of I z The Introdu ion, Cod. I chap. z. where z Reafons ofthe ancient Ceremonies. z Singular : eleven. cap. z.- Iz. z Rankes , and orders of men ; By birth : theFirft-borne, c. 13. z 13y office :theyDeputation. Priefts,C.14 Execution. 3 By vow : the Nazarits, c.15 4 By ceremonie : Cleane per- fons, c: 16. i Circunieifion,c.i8 z Pafl'eover, c. 19 i Pillar of Cloud & Fire, c. 20 zRed Sea: In this Treatife are two < things. ri Chrift is figured in ( holy perfons: feparated and fanaified z The Trea- tifeit felfe,S E.a.where z (r Ordinary Sacraments, z He is fi- f z Circum- gured in cifion, & holy úaptifm:z things: z Extraordi- e, 17. nary:anfwe- L rabia to z Pafsouer and Lords Supper,z; L t r Manna fr6 heal/6 c. az. z Water out ofthe Rock,c.z3. Addehereunto theBrazenSerpent, c. z.}. cri,sr

CHRIST REVEALED. JOHN 14.6. yam the Truth. C H A P. 1. Aving formerly delivered, that Chrifc is Truth au oppofed tofalfehood; we arenow toChevy, that he is Truth ad oppofed to the Jhadozvr and figures of theold Law. In the entrance intowhichTreatife, wenauf} prernife fore Propofitions. I. That the Lord decreed tohave ahwayes a Church upon the faceof the earth ; for the upholding of which bee upholds the world. For, I. Hee will havehis nameconfeffed,and praifedas wellin earthas in heaven. z. Hee will mainrainehispublike worthip, by it todi- itinguifh heathenifh Idolaters from trueWorfhippers. 3. To prepare true beleevers in thisChurchmilitant to that Church triumphant, and to fet and polifh them as living hones in this mount of' the Church, for that hea- venly mountaine and temple. z II. For Chri l the truth of Iegall ilu_ doves. Introduêtion to this Treatile a.

2 Sdcrar,2enta Lunt rutrata,nonfides. 'lug. S Godappointed a multitude cf ceremonies to the Iewes, fc r 5.rcafons. I Shadows of Chrifi, I I. For the eflìdingofhispurpo e he hathdecreed) that the doarinccf falvation by i efus Chri(1 fhonld bee founded odt in the Church, together with the dottrine of the Law, that partly the right wayof his worfhipp, and partly the way offalvation, might bemade knower and opened to belcevers. I I L By the Gofpel theLord bath revealed the Co- venant of grace, which is in fubftance but one, as God is but one, and thrift is but one, who is the fübflance ofit. As there is but one hope of one eternall life, the endof the Covenant : andone faith which is themeane to leade to that end, Epher4.5 I V. Chrìf}, and his doctrine, and Covenant being the fame yefferday, and to day, andfor ever, Heb., 3.8. for fubffance, altereth and differeth onely in the forme and manner of difpenfation ; according to which, it is diuerfly propounded in the old Teíiament and New. In the former propounded, as of the Meffiahto come, from Adam untohis incarnation. In the latter, as of the Saviour already corne, and fo embraced in the Church from his fir comming, to his fecundcomming againe. V. So long as Chrift was to come, it pleafed God to train his Church by an heap,eof Ceremonies, rites, fi- gures, and fhadows, toffrengthentheir faith in the ex- peationofhim, Of which multitudeofCeremonies, if more fpeciall reafons be demanded ; Theft may be given. I. The nonage and infancieof that Church, which wasnot capableof fuch high myfteries, but was tobee taught by their eyes as well as their Bares. And there- fore it pleafed God to put the ancient Church ( even newlycut ofthecradle ) under Tutors, Gal. 4.2. and ap- pointeddiverfe types and ceremonies, as rudimenti and introduc`Iions,verfe 3. fitted to thegroffe and weake fen- cesof that Church, which was to be brought onby lit- tle and little, through filch fhadowsand figures, to the true

vhy appoayated. 3 true Imageand thing fignified, who inour'Text calleth hirrafelfe truth in oppofition to all thole fhadowes. Objcrl. Butthe weaker and duller they were, the more neede had they of cicare inflruEiion ; and God could have revealed Chriflasclearely to them, as to us. Sol. But as the Lord had obfèrved this method in creating the world, hee would have darkneffe goe be- fore light ; and inupholding the worldbee wouldhave dawning goe before cicare day : So in the framing and upholding the Church, hee would have Chrift exhibi- ted to the Fathers , as to the Wife men, in fwadling clouts, which hidhis glory. He refpeeted them as chil- dren ; heereaed for them in Iewry, a little free-fchoole let up in a corner ofthe world ; hee appointed the Law of Mofes as a Primer, or A. B. C. in which Chrift was to be fhadowed in dance and obfeure mauer ; hewould thatChrift fhould come tohis brethren, as Isfeph to his ; who firflobfcuredhimfelf to them, and afterward made himfclfebetter knower). One compares it to Aroahs r. Opening the windowof the,Arke ; 2. Removing the covering ; 3. Stepping forthhimfeifc. II. Therein the wifedome of God provided for the further advancement of Chrifl and his Gofpel; which compared with theLaw, muff beemanifèfled in great brightnefle and .glory. Chrift the Sonne, mutt come in more glory then chic/s the fervant. Hence, Ioh. r. t 7. The Law was given by Mops, but grace and truth came by Iefiss Chril ; The Gofpel is calledgrace, not becaufe under the Law the farnegrace was not Area- ched, but comparatively : that was karfe grace to this which is more full, more manifefl ; as the light in the dawning, is fcarfe light incomparifonof' light at noone- day. There was grace, but here is more grace. 1. In manifeflation : Thelight oftheSunneis feven-fold, and like the light of feven dayes, as was prophefied, Ifai.3o. 26. z. In impletion and accompliflimcnt -of that B 2 which Vda!a runt il?a, donec ti; prrarct dies, c- remove. rentra urrlb;'e. Grace in the newTefìvnent fpeciallÿ, hon.

Ceremonies calIca.maaows, for 4. rcafons. 3. Nonex ope,e ope,.ato. Cemont called whichwas but a prom ife of grace in comparifon. 1 3.32. 3. Iìi application and apprehension bybelee- vers in all Countries,. not onely in Idea. 4. In the groweth and perfèc`Iion of faith and grace in the hearts ofordinary beleevers above them. Hence, Heb. i o. 1. the Law had buta ¡hadozvofgood thins to come, and not the Image andtruth it felfe : that is, Ìt had a rudeand darkedelineationof good thing, to come as a draught made by a painter with acoale ; but the Gofpel exhibits the pifìure it felfe in the flourifh and beauty ; that is,the truth and being of it. Hence alfro Paul to the Col. 2.1 7. (peaking of obier- vances of the Ceremoniall Law, faith : they were but fbadowes of things to come, but the body is Chrift. Whence bee would have us conceive : t. That as the body is the caufeof the fhadow, and thecaufe more excellent then the thingeauied : So Chrift was the caufe of those Ceremonies, and more excellent then they. 2. As the thadow reprefenteth the shape of the body,1 with thearmions and motions : So those rites and Cere- monies refemble Chrift in all his a_4ions,pafTions, moti- ons, as after we are toheare. 3. As the fhadow is but an obfcure refemblance in re(pet of the body : So the Minifleryofthe old Teltament in rites and Ceremonies, is a dartre reprefentation ofthe body, namely Chrift and his fpirituall worihip. 4. As the body is folid, firme, and ofcontinuance, even when the fhadow is gone : So the Ceremonies as ihadowes are fbwen away, but Chrift the body and his true worfhip laffeth for ever. In all which Chrift and his grace are advanced, as the pnblifher and perfeier ofour falvajion without any fhadowes ; whereas of' the Law it is fad : It made no- thing perfell, Heb.7.19. I t I. Thofe Ceremonies werenot given to merit re- of (urnes by them , nor to appeaseGods anger, 'nor to bee an acceptable worfhip by the worth of the worke t

Jhados, Dhy. S worke done, nor to jutlifie the obferver : but to thew jutlification by Iefus Chrift, the truth and fubftanceof them ; to bee types ofhim, pointing at him in whom the Father is pleated ; to bee Allegories and refensablara- ces of the benefits of Chrif}, exhibited in the newTe- flacnent; to bee teflirnaoniesof the promife andCove- nant on Gods part ; to be Sacramentsand feales of faith on the part of the beleeving Iew, exciting andconfir- ming his faith in the Mefliah I V. Godwould have this heape of Ceremonies ; . As bonds and finewes of the miniftery and publike meetings; in which the voiceof the promifed feed, and the foundof wholfome and lavingdoríne might bee preferued in the Church, and propagated to pofterity. 2. To be externall fignes of'their profeffion, by which God wouldhave his Churchdiflin& from all nations of the earth. 3. To be to theunbeleevingJewes, an ex- ternall difcipline to bridle them, and anexercife to frame them (at leaft inexternall converfation) to the Policy, and Commonwealth of Wes; for elfe they mull becut off, and excluded. V. Gods wifedome in appointing thefe Ceremo- nies ; i . Appointed acertaine obfervationof the line and tribe whence the Mefliah should cone according to the promife. 2. Enjoined a certaine provifion for the Mini(lery, which had no certaine part of the landallot- ted to them. 3. That the pooremight be fo provided for, as that theremight not be a beggar in 1 frael. The former propofitions and reafons beingdelivered bywayof Preface, wee now come to Phew that which our Text properly calleth for, that is ; wherein or how, Chrift is the truth of thofe figures, and the body ofthofe (hadowes of the Ceremonial! Law. Chrifl was figured in theold Teflament by holy Per- tonsi, and by holy Things. Of the moil holy and emi- nent Perfons who were figures ofChrift,I wil propound tome inftances. B 3 CHAP. 4. Vfe of thereto the Jews. 5.. Gods wifdorne in appointing them, Thege,nerall divifìon of this Treatife,

Adam a typeof Adam* a type of Chrift, in foure things. I. vtergatad iT,fa- gtam Dei con- dicus, uterqtse Veo charifirraul. t, CHAP. T. lr. Adam a type of Chr. THe firfi ofthem is the fir[} Adam, who was fo live- ly a reprefemtation ofChriff, as that Chrift is often called thefecond Adam, Rom.5 . t q.. eAdam was 4figure ofhim that was to come. Wee will gather the relem- blancesbetweenethem intofour am generall heads. L Inrefpe ofCreation. r. Bothof themwere Sons ofGod, the one by eternall generation, the other by grace ofCreation. 2. Both wereMen, Adams, redde earth; the firft in hismatter, the fecond not in his me,tter only,but allo in his bluody'paffion. 3. BothwereSons ofone Father, and both men but ofno man their father, neither ofthem having any other father but God.4.Both created in the Image ofGod; the former,Gen. t . Z7.the lat- ter the ingraven forme of hisFathersperfon, Heb. r. 3. 5. Bothendowed with perfect wifdome and know- ledge; the fir[t Adam fo wife as that he gave fit names to all Creatures according to their natures : in the fecond Adam dwelr treafures ofwifdomeand knowledge. Col.2. 3. 6. Both poffeffed ofa moil happy and innocent eftate ; in which theone had power to perfcver, but not will : theother hadbothpowerand will. , The finit Adam was made in the fixth day of the weeke to the Imageof God : the fecond Adam towards the fixth age of the world appearing to re[lore that Image which the firft Adam quickly loft. I I. In refpec`t ofoffice and foveraignty. T. The fri Adam was owner of Paradife, the heire of the world ; foveraigne Lord of all the Creatures to whom theycarne for their names ; the fecond Adam is Lordof heaven as tivell as earth, heireofthe outnaoft boasnds ofthe earth..)

..., Adam az type ofChrig. 7 earth, Pfal.2.8. Commander ofall Creatures; whom the windes and feas obev;whofe word the divels tremble at; and hekeepes his foveraignty which the firft Adam loft. z. Adam was appoynted to keepe the Garden anddrefe it, Gen.2.r S. 'Chrift the fecond Adamwas fet apart to farOifieandPave his Church,theGarden and Paradife of (od,Eph.5.26. 3. Adam was King,Prief},and Prophet in his family : fo is Chrift in the Church, the family and houfhoidoffaith,Rev. i .5. As Adam was the firft Mini- fier ofthe word in the Church,delivering the premife ofthebleffed feed withcertaine rites & Ceremonies to his children,and they to their pofterity : So the fecond Adam is the cbiefeProphet and Dolor ofhis Church, whoalwaies prefcribed the pure worfhip of God for matter andmanner in the Churchesof all ages. III. In refpec of Conjugation. r . 4dam fleeping Eve is formed : Chrift dying the Church is fra. coed, Eve is takenout ofAdams fide,while he fleepes : out ofthe fecondAdorns fide, whitehe was in the fleepe ofdeath, iffueth the Church. z.Evewas no fooner framed but as a pureand innocent fpoufefhe was delive- redby God to Adam yet in innocency : foGod the Fa- ther delivered the Church as a chatte & innocent fpoufe tobe married to the fecond Adam for ever,to bebone of his bone, and flefh ofhis flefh. 3c Of Eve rnarryed toAdam he receives both a Cain and an Abel intohis lwufe : fo the fecond Adam bath in his vifible Church bothelet and reprobates, found andhypocrites, as by many Parables isfignified; as ofthe field;the net,&e. II 11. In refpeft of propagation. i . Both of them are rootes, both have a pofterity and feed, Ifa. >3. to. z. Both of them convey that they have unto their pof}erity,Rom,5.12.14.As by the firf} Adamfirm, and by finne death came over all men : fo by the fecond Adamcame ri:hteoufneffe, and byrighteoufneffe lifeon all beleevers; 2nd hereinefpecially was the firft Adama 4 figure Primus ecclefre d0ao7wicker's immediate à Deo pearl* erat proponèncla, ita er clrftii4. 3. 4.

1 rfe r The Minifiery teverend for antiquity, 2. Antiquityof the doctrine of free grace. . .odaritagxáJJâ- Yum, veriffimu. Term'. Seeke life by Chrif}s death. Adam a type ofChri/11 figuite ofhim that was tocome. 3 . As the firft Adam merited death for all his pofterity : fo the fecond Adam life for all his. Application followes. I. To note the honour and antiquity ofthe Mini- fiery which net the firft Adam one'y, but the fecond al.. fo exercifed. Difpife at thy peril! what they fo honou- red ; thinke it too bale for thy felfe to attend, for thy fonnes to intend : Neither the firft Adam Lord of the earth, nor the fecond AdamLordof Heaven and earth, did fo. I I. To note the antiquity and authority of the dot trineoffree grace by themerit ofthe Mefliab,which both the firft and fecond Adam taught; neither ofthem ever dreamed of the doctrine of workes and humane merits. What Adam learned of God in Paradife hee taught to his pe terity ; what his pofterity heard ofhim, . the fame theydelivered and left to their children ; but they never heardnor taught anyother way to /alvation, but by the promifed feed : fo alto what the Difciples heard ofthe fecond Adam,that they taught to theChur- ches;but theyheard the fame ofhim.AE.4.'i z. Andour dotrine being the fame with theirs, is not new, but moreancient then any other. For as this is the honour ofall truth, tobe before error and falfhood : foofthis truth,tohave precedencyof all truths ; It truely pleadeth antiquity,thereforc verity. III. In that the Churchcomes out of Chrifts fide, being in the fleepeofdeath, as Eve out of Adams hee fleeping,wee learne to feeke our life in Chrîfis death, Thatdeath fhouldbe propagatedby the finneof the firft Adam,was no rnarvaile : but that life by thedeath ofthe fecond,is anadmiredmyftery. Here is the greateft work ofGods power fetchedout ofhis contrary ; of ranke poyfona foveraigne remedy by themoil skilful! Phyfi- tian ofhearts, Let the jewel; fcorne a crucified God, I and d

Adam 4 type ofChrift. and rcfufe the lifeofferedby a deadman; theyknow not theScriptnres,rtor thepower ofGod; whocan and Both command light oast ofdarknefJe, lifeout ofdeath,all things out ofnothing. How eafìly canhe repay re all things out ofany thing, who can fetch and frame all things out of nothing ? He is of power tomake ofclayand fpittle (fir to put out the fight)a remedy to reftore tight. He can as eafily favea world by the deathof his Son, as multiply a worldby the fleepeofAdam. I V. Labour to bee ingrafted into the fecond Adam, that as thou haft borne the imageof the earthly, fo thou maift beare the image ofthe heavenly, I.Çor. 5. 49. i. Becaufe the fecond Adam repayres whatfo- ever we loft in the firft. By the firft wee are enemies to God, by the fecond wee are reconciled to him. By the firft wee all dye, by the fecond wee are all made alive, I. Cor. r 5.22. By the firfl we are left to Sathans power, by the fecond wee areguided by the Spirit óf God. By j the firft we lof}all the Creatures, by the fecondwe are reftored to the holy ufc ofthé all.By the firfi a necef îty of death isbrought in, Heb.9 27. it ùappov»ted for all 1 men once todvr,and thencommette judgement; but by the fecond wee have a recovery ofthebleffing ofimmorta- lity and life. Whatfocver the firft Adam brings into the world by finne, thefecond carryes outby his righteouf- nelle. z. Becaufe by Chrift the truth wee recover more thenwe loft,or ever thould have had by the Type. For fo the Apoflle, Rom. 5 . r 6. the gift by the fecond Adamhath exceeded theoffence of the firtt. That as the firft Adam by eating the forbidden fruit hath powred all evill into the foules and bodies of all men, though they cate not ofthe forbidden tree: So the fecond Adam by regeneration is made righteosfnefj"e to thofe whohad wrought no righteonfneffe, and powred all good things into thefoules and bodies of his members: The firft Adam by finne helps us into mifery : but the fecond Adam s.Cor.4.0, 4. Get in Chr:ft the fe.. coudAdaisa, 3s thou art Cutelyofthe firft. Motives. r. Cor.r.3o.

to Noah a type of C'hr:11. £damnot onelyhelps us out ofmifery, but advanceth us to thehigheli dignity ; to be,of fonnes ofwrath,fons ofGod; brethrenofChrift; membersofhis body ; heires ofthe kingdomeofheaven. By Adams rime we are all driven out ofParadife, an earthly pleafùre,inwhich wee Should have enjoyed an inconstant happineffe : but by Chrif# we arebrought into the heavenly Paradife,our Fathershoule. By e 4dams finne webecome unjuft : but by Chrifts holineffe we are not juff onely, but fanRifi- ed,graced,confirwed,glorificd, into whom by faith we come tobe ingrafted. Noah a typeof Chrift,in (even rcfpeets. r. 2. Differences betwcene Chrifts and NoahsriOr teottifneíté. CHAP. III. 2.Noaha type ofChrill,7.7Paies . THefecond inftance is Noah, a manifeft type ofthe trueNoah,and that in feven refpec5ts. I. Both were fore-prophefied of to be Saviours, Gen.5.29. Lamech begat a fonand called his name Noah, laying : Tht3(hall comfort us concerningour wor4Ze,, and forrow,and cool(ofthe earth; thereforehe calledhimby a name hgnifying ceafing, or reft: SoofChri[t, MMat. r .2 i . thou (halt call his name Iefisi, for he(hallfave hie people: He shall be the trueNoah that (hall caufe Gods wrath toceafe,and bring the afflicted foule to true refsand tran- quillity. IL Both arePaid tobe juft and perfeet; both faid to walkewithGod;andboth to find graceand favour with God. r. Noah was juft in his generation : So was Chrift;have nothing todo with that juft man, faith Pilate: Wife,Mat.2.7.19. But with difirence;lltoahsrighteouf. 7. Chrifts was inherent, a righteou neffe was imputed,being righteoafneffeoffaith, Heb. t r. fneffe of nature, per- fon

Noaha type ofChrifi. fon,and heart. 2. North was aperfett andupright man, ien.6.9. that is, not defiled with Idolatry, falfe religion, opinions, or external' crimes : but Chrift was perfe t limply and abfolutely,Noahbut comparatively. Noah was perfeCE but inpart :Chrift perfeftlyperfect : Chrift Le- gally:Noah Evangelically.Noah perfec`f by the perfection ofanother : Chrift by his owne. Noah perfect becanfe without open crime : Chrift being without fin*. 3. Both walking with God, found grace with. God. Noah,Gen,6.8. Chrift, Luke 2..4o. 5 2. But Noah found grace by acceptation and imputation : Chrift by corn- pleat merit and fatisfaction. Chrift found grace by his owne perfeaionand juftice : but Nashcloathed with Chrifts. 1 T I. Both ofthem were Preachers of righteou4- nelle. But Chrift preached his owne doctrine, Noah Chrifts. Both invited unto repentance.Both called men to avoid the Judgement to come. Both lived-and preach- ed in a molt corrupt age, when there was a generali de- fection both in d©frine andmanners. Both their Mini- fteries were defpifed,and: that defpight ofbothfearefully revenged ;theone by water,the other by fire and fword: both by utter defolation, as the like never heardofbe- fore. I V. Bothofthem makers ofan ,Ake, and Mafters ofit.But Noah ofa materiall ; Chrift ofa fpirituall, the Church. Noah to fave rimersfrom the deluge ofwaters temporal]. : Chrift to fave finners-from the deluge of Gods wrath eternal ].. In the making of their Arkes they are very like. i . Both doe all about their Arkes at Gods commandement. For as the Lord did not hide from Noahhisdecree, Gen. 6.1 3 : So he communicated his wholewill and counfell tohis Someconcerning the falvation ofthe Church, loh.8.26. 2. AsNoah takes many trees, at Gods commandement, andftrongly clo- feth them together, and pitcheth them within and without ......R........, ch,ius iaf»per- feeius: Noah aK;'rens adper- fetlionen. Auguft. 4. Noahs AI ice andChrifts: 6, rcfemblanccs.

I2, ÑoaïJpe©f Chri. without against the waters : So doth Chrift make choice of trees of righteoufneffe , the planting ofthe Lord , andcompatis them togetherby the bondof the Spirit, glewes and fattens them together by the glewof Chriftian love, and pitcheth them within andwithout, fortifies and ftrengthens them againa the waters of of fliaion,temptation, perfecution, that none (hall drowne or overwhelme them. ;. As Noah prepared divers roomes in the Arke for divers creatures : SoChrift in his Arke appoints divers places and funftions for belee- vers here, and prepares in his Fathers houle mar man- flow for them hereafter, Ioh.14, z. And as Noah receives into theArke cleaneandunclean e creatures and perlons, a Sem, and a Cham : So the Lord Chrift into his militant Church, all forts ofNations, fexes, perfons, conditions; ,ewes, Gentiles ; men, women , noble, ignoble ; belee- vers, and unbeleevers ; hypocrites, and found Chrifti- ans. On this floore is wheat and chaffe. 4. AsNoah made a window into his Arke, to give light to the crea- tures within : So Chrift, by the Gofpel preached in the Church, enlighteneth the mindes ofthofe that are with- in ; without which light let in, they flaeuld fit in ever- 'ailing darkeneffe. S. As Nods by the famedireaion makes a doore to enter into the Arke , and but one doore for fo very great abuilding : So there is but one doore to thegreat building ofthe Church difperfed farre and wide, and this is Chris himfelfe, Iob. 1 3.7,9. 6. As Noah the Matter of the Arke enters into it, and re- ceaves and faxes all that enter in with him ; for which purpofe bee is contented to bee toffedup and downe by . thofe molt ragingwaters, and had no more freedome 1 from feare and danger then others in the Arke : So Chrift the Matter of his Church, to fave his Church, himfelfeenters into it, and is admitted into it by the wa- ters of Baptifme ; and was contented for the laving of others to bee tolled with waves and billowes of af- fli aion,

1 Noah a type ofChrili. iii ftion,ignominy,(hame, finne, curie, yea the torments ofhell. That his Church might be in fàfety with him, he will bee indanger with her, and every way to helpe her, will bee every way like her in all things, firne ex. cepted. V. Both ofthem were repayrers of the world. From Noah defcended all the inhabitants ofthe earth: from Chrill all the inhabitants of heaven. The world againe wasre-peopled and repleniflìed by Noahs pofie- rrty : the Church and every member is Chrifis poflerity. Both of them were prefervers and providers for all forts of Creatures: But Noah as a fieward;Chrift as Lord and owner ofthem: Noah for a few,Chrifl for all: Noab for a yeare and a little more,Chrifi perpetually.To both ofthem the creatures came in, and were obedient to them. Though never fo fierce and favage out ofthe Arke, yet in the Arke they were mild and tame : So to Chrifi the windes, feas, divels obey; and ifLyons and Cockatrices come into the Arke and Church they be- come as Iambs and little children puttingoff all ficrce- neffe, Tfa. r a .6. V I. Both ofthem offered a facrifice of ref}, and fweet favour to the Lord, Noah, Gen.8,z r . As men are delighted with fweet favours, fo was Noahs facrifice pleafing toGod. Buthis was a facrifice but oftefifica- taon, witnefing his.faith and thankfiilneffi : The facri- fice ofChrifi was a perfeci fatisfaRion, in which he offe- red not the bodies of cleane beafis as Noah, but his owne body as a Lamb without fpot, not upon an Altar built by Noah, hand, but upon the Altar ofhis Deity, not afcending to heaven by ordinary fire; but offered through his eternal! fpirit, cornpard to fire, Neb.9, r 4. And therefore mull fully fatifie his Fathers juftice, appeafe his wrath,and be moll acceptable in it felfe, and muff bring Noahs, and all other facrifices into accep- tance. And from hence it was that withboth ofthem God 5. Sacrifice ofte- 1 [tification, and: of fatisfa.dion.

Mat.3.j 6, Yfe. I. Preferve inte- grity in the worm times. Math.5.i6. Noah a type of chrifi. God didmake a covenant of grace for their pofterities, that he would never breake out in filch wrath againtt them, confirming the fame unto the pofterity of Adam by the figneoftheRaynebow, and to the pofterity of Chrift by the Sacrament of Baptifine, and the Lords Supper. V I I. Both of them fent a Dove out ofthe Arke. Noahwhen thewaters ailwaged, and muchof his feare and daunger was pall:, fends out the Dove who brought an Olivebranch, a figne of joy, comfort, and abating of thewaters : So Chritt jefus his fufferings and labours be- ing ended, fent his Spirit forth (whichhad lighted ae aDove on him) and brings joy, and peace, andcom- fort into the hearts ofall beleevers, bringing in a tetti- mony , that Gods wrath is appeafed, the waters are diminifhed, his love and favour returned which is betterthen life. Now toapplication. I. In the type and truth learne : if all the world l' about us be given towickedneffe, and wee be can into never fo wicked anage, then to labour to fbine in the middeft of a naughtygensration,Phil.z. i -.It isa fìngular praife tö be a Lot inSodom, and inacorrupt age to bee unlike finners. For lightto Chine and Phew itfilfe in darkenefhe, isbeautifull and glorious. Letyour lightfo fhnebefore men, that they mayfeeyourgoodworks. andglo- rifieyourfather which is in heaven. To Phew our (elves formes ofGod, and children of light among enemies ofGodand light, is a fingular honour. Noah fafhioned not himfelfe to thofe corrupt times ; nor Chritt to the evill behaviour ofthat age. Never had Chablis more need among fomany wicked fathions, to beexhorted not to fafbion thetnfelves to the world. If a Preacher holdon a preacher of righteoufneffe in fingleneffe and fincerity ofheart, not fafhioning himfelfe to the pre- fent temporizers andmen-pleafers, Let all the world fcorne,

Noah a type of Chriff. fcorne,oppofe, traduce him : Ifa private manhold forth the word oflife, and in blarneleffe and pure converfati- on walkeina way which leadeth againfi the f}reame and common current ofthecorrupt age : Both theone and the other have here the type and the truth, Noah and Chrifl prefidents for the like ac`ìions, precedents in the lame way. I E. In them both learne : That thefeare the dayes in whichwe mut} expec4 our Lord to judgement. ells it Was in the dayes ofNoah, &c: So (hall thecommingof the Sonne of man bee. As thofe finnes in Noahs time brought the deluge of water : the fame finnes now reigning, fhall bring and haf}en the dcftrunionby fire, prophecyed, 2. Pet. 3. The finnes are thefe. 1. The fonnes ofGod . marry with the daughters of men : that is, the godly with the ungodly, religious with the fu- perflitions,beleevers with infidels, 2. Horrible con- tempt ofthe word. As Noah preached by thepower of the Spirit, and Chrifi him felfeby the Spirit fo asnever man fpake; yet both were defpifed, and theSpirit re- filled whereby they fpake : So now godly Minifiers muff not thinke much to bee defpifed in their Miniflery. For as it was in the dayes of Noah, and of Chria : So Chrif} bath toldus it mut}be. 3. Profaneneffeofthe Miniflery,and generali malice againf} fincerity. As in the dayes ofNoah, many Wrights and workmen werebu- fie to prepare an Arke for others ; but themselves nei- ther entred into thefate, nor faved by the fame : And as in the dayes ofChrift, the Scribes and Pharifces pro- feffed themfelves chiefe builders, but refufed the corner f ene, and neither entred themfelves nor fuffered others, but envyChrifi they could : So (hall it be in the daies of the Sonne of man. 4. In the .Common- (late, and men, apoflacy, fecurity, fenfuality ; men Bate, drinke,' marry, but know nothing of judgement, that is, will not know : So (hall the comming of the Sonne of -man be, Mat. 24.39. III. In 2. sinncs which are figncs of Judgement aF- proaching. Matth,s4.38. z,Pct.3.24.

16 Ì Noah a type of Chrift. S Comfort to bee l7dinChriít our Ncab. I I I. In that Chrift is the true Noath, all the true membersof Chrif ( whoare carefull to prepare them an Arke, and to get within the Arke ofthe Church ) -have. folid and (bong comfort. For, r. He is ready to re- ceive all that come unto him, who calls all the weary : as Noah readily received all that offered themfelves un- tohim. I.et nor thy finne difcouragc thee, bee thou ne- ver founcleane, get once into the Arke, and thouart fafe. 2. As Noah him felfe entred into the Arke, and abode there all the timeof danger, and toiling by the waters So our Lord fill! abides in the fame (hipof the Church with us ; he is fo muchthe more ccmpaflionate tous, as bee is acquainted with our forrowes; and though the danger and feare bee never fo much, wee (hall fare no I worfe then himfelfe will,who in all our troubles is trou- bled with us and for us. 3. As Noah pitched the Arke within and without and fo fenced it again( the wanes and raging billowes and furges ofa world of feas : So doth our true Noah fl:rengthen his Arke and Church partly withhis promife, partly with his prayers that their faith fade not, as withpitch withinand with- out, fo firme and fore, as let this little Arke of the Churchbe faired upon the waters ofafflic}ion, and tried by never fo many temptations, and perfecutions in this fea of the world, it is fo fenced and pitched that it fhall never mifcarry. Noah,r Arke indeed by toffing andbeatingof the watersmay bee weakened and made worfe : but Chrifts Arke the Church, is made better and flronger by triallsand afflic4ions, Pfal. r I y. 7 r . It is goodfor-moo that I haveBeene ofueled, that Imay learns thy flames. Noaahs Arkeat laft (hall putrifieand perifh, but Chrifts Arke (hall never perifìs, but at laft bee more perfect and glorious. 4. As Gods Covenant with Aroah was his fafety in the Arke : ( for Tooke upon the Arke floating above water, laden with heavy burthen, fencedagainli thewaters witha little pitch, perhaps not very;