Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

Tie Z. Honor Chrift as the firft born ofGod, andhow. FirPt born, types of Chrift. are fo many w ne cords todraw and faf}erl us to God and duty. Is it not reafon,'that the more it pleafeth the Lord tobecome ours, the morewe fheuld become his ? Ought not great benefits become great binders ? And ( hould not great love bee a great load(tone of love? Shouldnot thongcords ofGods love draw us firongly to love our God ? Examine the encreafeofGods mercies on thee in all kindes, and whether they have had this fruit, tomake theemore.dutifull. Hath God multipli- ed bleììtag on thy head that thou thouldeft bleffe thy felfe inwickedneffe ? Hath God continued mercy that thou thouldefi continue finne .? Art thou the Lords by Creation, providence,redemption, ftoredwith all per- fonall kindneffes pertaining to life andgodlineffe,tocon- tinuea have to finne and Satan ? Remember good Io- fephs conclufion, Gen. 3 9. 8,9. My mailer bath dealt thus and thus withme, advanced me from nothing to this a- ftate, committed all tomy trust, kept nothing from me but thee, How thancan I doe this great vick,edneffe, and finne agrainft God ? 2. IfChrift be the true firf borne, ofwhom all they arebut types; wemutt give him thehonor ofhis birth- right. The wholeChurch,and all the formes of' thatmo- thermuff honour him ; all the (heaves of the brethren mutt vaileand bowe tohis (heave. Let not the bafeneffe ofhisbirth, thehumility ofhis life, the ignominyofhis death, the fhameofhis craft, the poverty ofhis profeí fors, theweakneffe and frailty of' his followers, draw J our eyes afide fromhim (as the ewsat this day) but ac- knowledge him the first borne, e [teeming him (as doth theChurch) thechiefeof ten thoufand; and with the A- pof}le ef}eeme to knownothing but Chrift and him cru- cified. ,aft. How (hall we honour Chriftas the first born? Sod. i . Ifwehonour himwith the fame honor that isdue to the Father, John 5.z3. 2. Advance his Mare i above